Integration of ODIN Platform and OKEX: what will traders get?

August 27th, 2021 at 7:54 am UTC · 4 min read

Today, more than 6000 digital currencies are available on the crypto market. You can freely trade each of them, but in doing so you risk losing control of your investment portfolio.

It can be tricky to independently control each asset, especially if you trade on several exchange platforms, such as OKEX. How should you solve this problem? You need to use a convenient tool that will combine all the assets in one place.

We have a solution to this problem!

The OPEN Platform team has integrated with the COMEX cryptocurrency exchange to provide traders with a convenient solution for investing and trading. Manage your portfolio in one place, use algo-trading and make more profit!

What is ODIN Platform?

ODIN Platform is every trader’s homepage, which combines useful tools for investing in financial markets, industry news and the community of traders.

Our team has 7 years of experience in the financial markets. We know what traders need, therefore, we have made convenient and simple tools for those who want to control assets in one place. We created this project to teach, share and inspire experienced and emerging future traders.

What is OKEX?

OKEX is one of the leading digital asset exchanges in terms of trading volume, serving millions of users in more than 100 countries.

There are hundreds of trading pairs of tokens and futures on it, so you can diversify your portfolio to the fullest and optimize your strategy.

The integration of OPEN Platform and OKEX makes trading more accessible!

We have joined our efforts to make crypto trading even more accessible! Using the ODIN Platform tools, traders can manage their crypto portfolios on OKEX via API.

You can integrate OKEX with our platform to bring a complete view of all the crypto assets in your portfolio to one screen. Through us, you can combine analytics and portfolio management on CEX and DEX platforms.

But that’s not all! Traders using ODIN Platform have much more windows of opportunity open to them, among which there is the possibility of trading through the in-house execution Algo Trading engine and tools for copy trading.

Tools for Algo-trading

We have developed our own utility for algo-trading, which can be configured for your own preferences in a billion versions of different scenarios. Besides that, solution will provide all full report on trades executed and conditions that initiate trade to allow users to improve strategy and performance.

If the user decides to make the algorithm publicly available, they can set up a commission for use and will receive rewards from those who have used their strategy. Create your own strategies and share them with the other members of the community!

Tools for Copy Trading

In order to earn some money on OKEX, you don’t have to trade yourself at all! Use ODIN Copy Trading and automatically copy the deals of successful traders to your account. It is sufficient to connect to the service, select the account to copy and count the profit.

Our copy trading solution gives users ample opportunities to increase profits through leverage. Do not miss the chance to make money on OKEX with the help of experienced traders from our community!!

After users have opened an ODIN account, they will be able to go to the copy trading area to study the available strategies and compare the history, risk appetite and commissions of traders.

ODIN Platform creates a community that unites traders with a warm heart!

OKEX traders using our platform will be able to share their deals to attract additional investments or simply communicate with other traders within our community. This will help users take a big step forward in striking the best deals.

In addition to automated solutions that import all the actions of traders and make them public, it will also be possible to share notes for each deal (entry records, exit records, and more).

Don’t miss the chance – join OKEX together with ODIN Platform, and don’t forget to use ODIN Platform if you’ve been trading on OKEX already. We have integrated our products in order to help you achieve new heights.


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