Biggest Cardano-Based Cross-Chain NFT Marketplace Verlux Kicks Off Pre-sale

December 27th, 2021 at 9:49 am UTC · 3 min read

Biggest Cardano-Based Cross-Chain NFT Marketplace Verlux Kicks Off Pre-sale
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The widely accepted project, Verlux is on a mission to build the biggest Cross-Chain NFT Marketplace on the Cardano Blockchain. With the current buzz surrounding their innovation Verlux is proud to announce the start of their token Pre-sale and as usual has kicked off to a stellar start.

Verlux is a decentralized Cross-Chain NFT Platform built on the Cardano blockchain that allows users perform an efficient and seamless swap of NFTs from other Blockchains to the Cardano Blockchain. The aim of this innovation is for NFTs to become a cost effective ecosystem and utilize the low transaction cost, fast transaction and security of the Cardano ecosystem in doing so.

Mission of Verlux

Verlux is on a mission to create a Marketplace That Aims to Disrupt the Conventional NFT System with the aid of its Cross-Chain swap protocol, where NFTs existing on other blockchains can be swapped to the Cardano blockchain while retaining the authenticity of its data and utilizing the low transaction cost of the Cardano blockchain.

The team at Verlux is developing a novel feature in the NFT space by integrating a staking platform where users can farm special edition and 100% exclusive NFTs, by simply staking their token. This is a stand out amongst Verlux and other NFT marketplaces as it is one of the first projects on the Cardano network to do so.

Verlux aims to create a decentralized marketplace with zero entry barrier where listing of NFTs on Verlux will be super easy as users would just need to connect a compatible cardano web based wallet like Nami & Gero wallet, then click on Mint NFT and you will see a simple form to list your NFT and you are set.

$VLX Token

The Verlux Marketplace and ecosystem will be powered by $VLX. The native cardano utility token has a total supply of 1 Billion tokens, and will have multiple use cases in the Verlux Ecosystem such as as featured NFT listings, stake to earn and stake to participate in NFT Farming to earn Featured NFT Drops, facilitate NFT transactions and serve as a governance system for Verlux Ecosystem.

VLX tokeneomics is carefully crafted to ensure optimal initial decentralization and the distribution process is equal enough to avoid market manipulation address will have more than 4% of the entire supply of $VLX tokens.

$VLX Pre-Sale Details

$VLX Token Pre Sale is live now and can be acquired by visiting the $VLX token Sale Page.

Users can purchase $VLX tokens at the reduced price before the $VLX Pre-sale closes reaching the Hardcap.

$VLX Token Allocation: 20% (200,000,000)


1 VLX = 0.0020 ADA

1 ADA = 500 VLX

Minimum Buy: 200 ADA

Maximum Buy: 10,000

There are multiple utility purposes of $VLX Token on the Verlux platform, which will be very handy for holders of the $VLX token.

 The Future Ahead for Verlux

Verlux NFT marketplace is on the mission to constantly innovate, offer solution and aid in the development of the NFT ecosystem to explore its infinite possibilities, with several features they are working on which is set to be fully launched soon and others planned for future releases.

The Verlux project plans to launch a fully operational Cross-Chain NFT marketplace on the Cardano ecosystem by Q1 2022. Funds raised from the sale of $VLX tokens to early investors will be used to establish and further develop the project.

With Verlux, you won’t have to go through the hectic hassle of signing up with an email and password to purchase your Favorite collectible on Cardano, all you need is a wallet.

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