CareerCats NFT and Metaverse Gaming Platform on Solana, Join Whitelist Now

June 2nd, 2022 at 6:46 am UTC · 2 min read

6666 CareerCats who have been in training for years outside the blockchain have now been deployed into the Solana Blockchain. Each of them is unique, the only similarity is that they all have a role to play in the ecosystem.

CareerCats NFT and Metaverse Gaming Platform on Solana, Join Whitelist Now

The CareerCats Collection is a collection of 6,666 NFT (Non Fungible Tokens), boasting hundreds of amazing traits. The CareerCats will be ever multiplying as they will be influencing other elements of the Solana Blockchain on their respective career paths, thereby reproducing as time goes on.

The CareerCats to first arrive the Solana blockchain will be Doctors, Astronauts, Engineers and Lawyers. While the Lawyers are rated COMMON (2800), the Engineers SEMI-RARE (2000), the Doctors RARE(1600) and the Astronaut RAREST(466)

CareerCats Interactive Metaverse Game

The last of the Roadmap will be an Interactive Metaverse play-to-earn game that will feature the CareerCats. In the Metaverse game, you can choose a career of your choice based on the CareerCat you are holding. If you are holding a Lawyer Cat, your career in the Metaverse game will be a Lawyer, and in the game you will embody your NFT.

Each career cat will live their everyday life starting as a job seeker in their line of profession. The goal will be to get a job, and work your way to the top of your career as a career Cat. You will earn a daily or monthly pay in the Metaverse game depending on how successful you are able to complete daily tasks in the Metaverse game. Your earnings at the end of each working day will be paid into your wallet in SOL or any chosen cryptocurrency of your choice.

You will also get to find your CareerCat Soulmate, get married and make baby CareerCats in the Metaverse game. If you choose to adopt, you can as well adopt baby CareerCats as you will be allowed to marry any CareerCat of your choice, be it male or female, as there is no room for Racism or Homophobia in the CareerCat Metaverse.

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