Catalonia to Build Its Own Metaverse Dubbed Cataverse, Minister Macro Says

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Catalonia to Build Its Own Metaverse Dubbed Cataverse, Minister Macro Says
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Catalonia, a northeastern region of Spain is building its own metaverse, as it looks to propel the region to a more digitally aware location.

As reported by Cointelegraph who got an exclusive interview with the Catalonian director-general of innovation Daniel Macro, the Catalonian government has been working on this initiative for quite some time.

According to Macro, the advent of the coronavirus pandemic has contributed to the growing need for a digital economy, which is a vital offshoot of the main economy. To Macro, the efforts to digitize the economy is an encompassing move, one that has seen the European Union digitize energy transactions as well as other deals.

While the metaverse is largely a relatively growing concept, private companies are just beginning to warm up to the idea through research and product development at the moment. The entry of Catalonia will come off as a very promising one for the ecosystem, as the region will be one of the few pioneers in this space.

Macro became a key figure in Catalonia back in 2014 as he was drafted as the director of the SmartCatalonia Government Strategy at the time. With the advent of blockchain and the metaverse, He now sees no challenge in integrating the technology in the broader narrative.

His goal remains to build a relatable virtual world that is inspired by the physical.

“Cataverse will be linked to the Catalan language and the Catalan culture. That is what we want to have in this metaverse, that Catalan entities that are doing things for the culture can do that in the metaverse.”

Powering the Catalonia Metaverse Build with Talent Development

To become a truly digital region on the global scene, there must be broad attention paid to human capital development. While this capital is key to building a sustainable smart city, it is also required to maintain it.

Realizing these, Macro revealed that the Catalonian government has its own strategy to build the human capital it needed. With Barcelona as the primary focus for the digital hub it is building, the Catalonian government has passed quite a number of policies and directed university programs to cultivate that talent among the young.

“We have very strong policies to generate talent that are from university but also we are skilling programs like boot camps and other activities a lot because we need different profiles,” he said.

Should its approach to the new digital economy become a reality, Macro said the Catalonian government hopes to attract new businesses into the region.

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