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3 Reasons Why Investors Should Keep An Eye on Aenco, a Financial Solutions Ecosystem for HealthTech

When major tech-related industries have undergone massive disruptions, the healthcare and medical technology industry has remained largely untouched. Aenco blockchain taps into the market to introduce a number of deep-tech solutions.

Interview with Alex Reinhardt: “We are Engaged in Crypto Projects – It Fills Our Life!”

The founder of the ELVN cryptomessenger, the active evangelist of the digital market, Alex Reinhardt, talks about the state and prospects of cryptology, stating that professionalism and trust are the main components of the success of the new industry.

Coinbase’ Toshi Receives New Features and Turns into Coinbase Wallet

One of the major cryptocurrency exchanges Coinbase has announced the re-branding of their Toshi crypto wallet. Now it will be known as Coinbase Wallet.

Cardano (ADA) Price Analysis: Trends of August 17–23, 2018

There is the possibility of a trend reversal in case there is a break out of the price at $0.18 supply zone, traders should wait for the breakout at the upper supply zone or break down at lower demand zone to occur before taking a position.

CrypKart Set to Offer the Most Secure Cryptocurrency Exchange

With a view to ensure the highest level of security for its users, CrypKart deploys a number of tools aimed at reducing the risk of possible losses.

Stellar (XLM) Price Analysis: Trends of August 16–22, 2018

Stellar has been ranging between these levels ($0.2 – $0.18), We may expect the break out of the price at $0.2 supply levels which may leads to increases in the rates.

Crypto Market Recovers to Over $210 Billion Due to the Closure of U.S. Bitcoin Futures Market

Cryptocurrency market shows good recovery after the closure of the Bitcoin Futures market, with Bitcoin and altcoins gaining 10-15%.

Ripple Gives Further Push to Its xRapid Solution, Eyes China for Expansion

The three exchanges will be using the Ripple’s xRapid solution for the easy transfer of money between the Mexican pesos, the U.S. Dollars, and the Phillippines pesos.

GoverMedia Partners With a Swiss Bank On Developing White Label Messaging Platform

The multinational company that provides a wide range of online services from e-commerce to initial coin offerings has signed strategic agreement with a private Swiss bank. The expected result is a fully customizable messaging platform used for the internal communication within a bank.

Gath3r Announces Development of Ad-free Browsing Solution

Blockchain-based platform Gath3r is to solve the problem of pop-up ads by offering online users a new monetization channel.

Swarm Launches Robinhood Equity Token Having No Robinhood’s Permission

Ahead of traditional public listing, the Swarm platform enables institutional investors to reserve their stake in a fund created for the purpose of holding equity in Robinhood.

U.S. Investors Can Now Buy the Swedish Exchange-traded BTC Note

Instead of waiting for the Bitcoin ETFs, U.S. investors will now be able to trade exchange-traded-notes like the Bitcoin Tracker One.

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