Cat’s Out Of The Bag: Why Big Eyes Leads The Best Meme Coins Of 2023

May 16th, 2023 at 8:49 pm UTC · 3 min read

The meme coin season has officially begun, making investors take a look at the best meme coins of 2023. Leading the pack is Big Eyes Coin, bringing in a brigade of offers for its community and inching closer to its launch by the minute.

Cat’s Out Of The Bag: Why Big Eyes Leads The Best Meme Coins Of 2023

All About Big Eyes Coin!

In a world where dog meme coins have dominated the market, this cat is looking to break through. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a brand new DeFi meme coin that’s been running such a successful presale that the world has not seen it in a while. Having collected an impressive $36.79 Million so far, their iconic presale has broken Ethereum’s record!

There’s a lot this kitty has to offer to its community. BIG boasts of transactions that are exempt from buying, selling and trading tax. It is an ERC-20 Token that will launch on the Ethereum blockchain, meaning it’s up to date with the latest crypto technology. Not only that, they released a range of adorable, custom cards that can be minted as NFT’s. If you are impressed with this, wait until you take a look at BIG’s tokenomics.

The team has announced that 80% of its supply will be available on launch, but it will be locked in a liquidity pool, meaning buyers can hold it until the demand increases in the market. It means they are preparing for an “increased demand with a limited supply” situation: do we need to remind our readers about what happened with Bitcoin? It sure can happen with Big Eyes! 5% of this supply is reserved to be sent to a charity wallet that supports ocean sanctuaries. BIG not only wants to give back to its community, but also to the planet. Sweet!

They’ve already had incredible success with a range of offers (which you can find on their growing Twitter and Telegram, by the way), and the best one amongst them is the Lootbox scheme. Lootboxes are packages you can buy to win rewards that are ALWAYS worth equal to or more than what you paid for the box. Even their roadmap is laced with exciting plans, including their NFT Space, the Sushi Crew, and a casino that will be home to 4000+ games, including those that you can play to earn!

What’s the Latest from Team BIG?

On popular demand, BIG announced that they will no longer wait to reach the $50 million mark, and has instead brought forward the end of their presale to June 3rd. But you wouldn’t think they would end THAT presale without some noise? Well, definitely not until they pull one last trick.

The team, currently running Stage 13 of the presale, recently announced that they are selling BIG tokens at their stage 3 price!  The stage 3 price of big eyes is $0.00017 for one BIG Token. Big Eyes is all about winning, and winning BIG!

Memecoins are taking the market by storm, and are quickly attracting investors to them. While most meme coins are quick to surge, it is also important to note that these surges need to be sustained over time, which they are unable to do. Features that focus on utility while also attracting investor interest to expand the community can help sustain a gradual surge. In those terms, Big Eyes Coin takes the cake, with a system highlighted all the way with rewards, and an impressive, clear-cut roadmap. The track record shows these schemes have been doing the trick, which makes BIG a contender among the best meme coins of 2023!

Find out more about Big Eyes Coin (BIG): Presale, Website, TelegramOpensea.

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