CCRB’s Crypto Mining App: Solution to Easy, Ethical, and Environmentally-Friendly Mining?

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by Maria Konash · 3 min read
CCRB’s Crypto Mining App: Solution to Easy, Ethical, and Environmentally-Friendly Mining?
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CCRB,a UK-based company, aims to revolutionize blockchain technology offering its new app for mining cryptos in an easy and environmentally-friendly way.

There is no other way to put it; traditional methods of crypto mining carry some devastating effects on the environment. Unfortunately, these negative consequences of wasting too much energy for crypto mining make the industry not sustainable in the long term. CryptoCarbon (CCRB) solved this urgent problem by launching a new app that focuses on mining crypto in a unique way.

CCRB is a UK-based company that is revolutionizing blockchain technology as we know it today. Their technology provides users with a simpler interface that allows crypto-traders and enthusiasts a broader variety in terms of usage. The company’s platform now has over 1,000,000 registered users and is currently partnered with more than 30,000 retailers across 200 countries.

Their user-friendly technological innovations do not end there. CCRB is pioneering a new concept in the crypto market called “Cryptoback.” With this concept, users can now utilize their CCRB tokens to shop, trade, and earn the tokens back as it is spent.

Cryptocarbon recognized that their unique interface could also be used on other platforms. So, this where CCRBX mining comes into play.

The company knows that mining cryptocurrency is not a concept most people are willing to learn about. Let’s face it; it is a bit complicated to mine for the everyday joe.

CCRB uses a mining algorithm that lets the user mine through a regular CPU and smartphone instantly. No need to set-up expensive rigs and consume ridiculously high electrical power. Just go to the CCRBX mining website, log in, and click the button “Start Mining.” It’s that easy.

In addition to that, CCRB also incentivizes people who convince their friends to mine the “greener” way. For every referral, the user gets an extra $15 and the friend, an extra $5. There’s no limit to this, plus the user gets an additional 10% of whatever their friends mine thereafter.

The potential for CCRB tokens still hasn’t reached its peak. The company is looking for new ways to develop a sustainable and straightforward user features that will provide long-term success. CCRB CEO Subhash Manuel, an Oxford Alumni said:

“We have been doing good so far, and CCRB is more than just a consumer-oriented shopping platform.”

He also added:

“Unlike anything else, we offer a comprehensive solution as users not only spend their cryptocurrencies to get products of their choice irrespective of their geographical location, they also make significant savings in the process. However, if we see that we can provide better solutions by sharing or exchange of technology and expertise, our team is always open to anything that is in the best interest of our users.”

With the new mining app and other innovative platforms, the sky’s the limit for CCRB.

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