It’s Time to Pull Plug on Centralized Hosting: Say Hello to ArGo

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by Julia Sakovich · 3 min read
It’s Time to Pull Plug on Centralized Hosting: Say Hello to ArGo
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ArGo offers a more secure, cheaper and censorship-resistant alternative in an age of regular data breaches and industry monopolization.

With data leaks and hacks into centralized cloud storage platforms becoming more commonplace, it is becoming apparent that Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and other giants that have monopolized the cloud industry are unable to prevent user data falling into the wrong hands. Not even the security firms in the industry are safe with centralized cloud providers, and even risk and compliance startup LogicGate quietly confirmed a data breach back in February that saw a hacker decrypt files stored in AWS S3 buckets in the LogicGate Risk Cloud backup environment.

But it is not only the security risks that have businesses looking for an alternative to centralized cloud providers; cost-ineffective overheads, censorship and high maintenance all add up to what has quickly become something that business owners that need storage do not want to put up with for the long run. ArGo is a new deployment platform built on top of Arweave Permaweb that enables anyone to deploy any static app on a global scale with just a few clicks. The team behind ArGo plans to disrupt the cloud industry by providing developers, publishers and businesses with immutable, cost-effective and censorship resistant deployment, whilst ensuring user data security through decentralization.

Why Not Centralized Cloud Platforms?

The Facebook scandal and numerous other smaller data breaches have over the years exposed the weaknesses of centralized storage platforms and providers, highlighting the need for ArGo’s decentralized web hosting. The costs connected with centralized cloud providers are high and have been gradually increasing and, when employee wages, accounting costs, legal fees, data center rents and more are taken into account, the cost becomes unmanageable for many businesses. On top of this, data migration between different centralized cloud storage platforms is also high.

Another issue is that centralized cloud servers are often concentrated in one or several places and in the event of a power outage or fire, data can be lost forever and businesses can lose millions due to downtime, such as seen in a recent incident in France where millions of websites were put offline due to a large fire at a data center. With Argo’s Permaweb app deployment solutions, user data is spread among many miners, securing it from risk and also ensuring data privacy from monetization by market leaders such as AWS.

Ensuring User Data Safety in an Increasingly Digital World

Privacy leaks and hacks on centralized cloud platforms such as AWS have been steadily increasing. Incidents are rife around the world and, once gaining access, hackers can monitor, censor or disclose all kinds of sensitive data to third parties. ArGo plans to tackle this issue head on, with serverless architecture that takes data out of centralized locations prone to attack and spreads them across a decentralized network of incentivized miners.

With 100% uptime, fast and censorship resistant deployment, the ArGo platform boasts various improvements on existing centralized models in use today. Having recently closed their private funding round after receiving $1.3 million in investment from big names in blockchain and venture capital, the ArGo team are on track to deliver a much-needed solution to businesses in need of cloud services.

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