Centurion Invest Launches Its Copy Trading System For “Independent, Dearing, Courageous and Rebelious” CIEx Traders

April 14th, 2021 at 12:16 pm UTC · 3 min read

Centurion Invest Launches Its Copy Trading System For “Independent, Dearing, Courageous and Rebelious” CIEx Traders
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Centurion Invest CIEx, a rapidly expanding New Generation All-In-One decentralized trading and exchange platform that introduced its trading wallet “CI Wallet” in March, is launching its copy trading system allowing its traders to copy trading activities from expert users. This system helps beginner and intermediate crypto traders copy the crypto deals in manual mode and profit from their copied deals.

With limited market knowledge, Novice traders can be intimidated by the complexity of entering a trading and exchange platform. Therefore, trusted and verified CIEx trader experts with strategies fitting risk, volumes, profit percentages navigate novice traders through the first steps after traders open their CI Wallets. This system also allows an incredible level of customization.

H.E. Ali Kassab, Chairman of Centurion Invest, said:

“Cryptocurrencies are different from other asset types since the prices are volatile, making it much harder for junior traders and investors to establish proper investing strategies. Our copy trading service with over 25 expert traders onboard provides an immediate and convenient trading solution. CIEx novice traders can start trading with an immediate $100 bonus and instantly turn it into profit. As well as accessing the best copy trading feature on CIEx, including trade signals and guaranteed closing with profit, they can also opt for monthly secured income traded funds throughout our investment plans tailor-made for all users.”

The CI community represents “Independent. Dearing. Courageous. Rebellious.” new-age crypto traders and users. They are in search of “short term,” “aggressive,” and “mainstream” trading styles that help trade correctly and without losses. The CIEx copy trading system can identify traders according to profit rate, win rate, P/L ratio, and overall trading performance.

Any listed traders will get a commission from each successful trade’s profits while getting copied, therefore benefitting from extra income.

H.E. Ali Kassab, Chairman of Centurion Invest, reflected:

“We are a unique decentralized exchange bringing more social features to our trading system developed with the trading concept “Complex Made Profitable & Simple” by CIEx to offer ease and simplicity to our users. Depositing funds and accessing spot and futures trading are made effortless so that novice traders can gain confidence rapidly. CIEx copy trading is made simple through easy-to-understand user interface design and sophisticated functions. We offer the lowest cost fees on card payment in the market currently. Also, I add that CIEx is lauded for the enhanced privacy, more robust security, and greater user control with total control over one’s funds.”

About Centurion Invest

Centurion Invest Exchange CIEx offers its traders direct access to trading experts, user-friendly deposit and withdrawal process, copy trading, and highly profitable investment plans through the most advanced investment tools and dynamic technics such as Wallet Exchange Fiat & Crypto Trading Platform, Decentralized Cryptocurrency Trading Platform, and Wealth Management.

CI Wallet is a multi-currency wallet with private keys to access traded cryptocurrencies. The wallet provides features such as Spot Trading, Futures, Margins and EFT.

CIEx supports the most popular payment options for crypto exchange; VISA, Mastercard, bank transfer and any major crypto coins.


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