Chainbreakers – a New Strategy Game Powered by Smart Contracts

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Chainbreakers – a New Strategy Game Powered by Smart Contracts
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Chainbreakers incentivizes players to earn dividends and strategically develop their assets by actively playing. The game assets are contained in NFTs stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

Today, cryptos are everywhere. As companies are trying to remain up-to-date with evolving technology, they implement blockchain in their activity, resulting in each sphere of life to be somehow connected with the distributed ledger technology. Games based on blockchain are unlikely to surprise anyone, however, blockchain game Chainbreakers, powered by smart contracts that reward players with cryptocurrency through gameplay, is really worth your attention.

Chainbreakers is a strategy-RPG where players are incentivized to earn cryptocurrency by actively playing and strategically develop their assets. Chainbreakers is developed by the Germany-based virtual reality studio, Qwellcode, and launched on the virtual reality platform Decentraland. While the backend runs on the Ethereum blockchain and is programmed in Solidity smart contracts, the games virtual reality front-end will be accessed from the Decentraland metaverse.

The games quest areas will be deployed around the metaverse which requires the players to travel as the storyline progresses. Chainbreakers partners up with Decentraland LAND investors. They will be able to generate passive dividends by hosting quest areas on their parcels. The amount of dividends depends on the revenue generated on the scene.

Chainbreakers game assets are contained in NFTs (non-fungible tokens) stored on the Ethereum blockchain, which allows players to buy, sell, and trade items on various marketplaces independent of the Chainbreakers ecosystem.

A compiled Decentraland scene is already accessible at The scene visualizes some prestige community rewards and unveils the low-poly look of the game within the web engine. Later, it will be extended with new content.

No ICO is Held

The developers decided not to hold an ICO, Decentraland’s highly liquid cryptocurrency MANA will be used instead. With MANA, players and investors can buy and sell items of Chainbreakers.

The company explained:

“Each questing area possesses a dividend pool that is gradually filled with MANA. These dividends are funded by purchases made in that questing area as players buy units, upgrades, and items for their armies. The amount of MANA in each pool varies, depending on the number of players in that particular area, and how successful they are on the battlefield. Players hire units and level them up by sending them to quests. Items enhance the units chance of success by a significant percentage. In this PVE mode (player versus environment) the players’ units gather experience points which serve as the foundation of the pooled MANA rewards.”

In early November, the Chainbreakers started their crowd sale. Players and investors are provided with tools allowing them to strategically purchase various assets for different unit roles and levels. The crowd sale is being conducted in the most transparent, fair, and secure way, dismissing the gambling factor of “loot crates” often seen in similar funding events.

Baby Pets to Accompany Chainbreakers Community Members

Recently, the developers unveiled the baby pets that will be provided to early Chainbreakers community members. All pets are hand-crafted and will be released in numbered series. All pets come in different supplies according to the rank.

Chainbreakers’ Partnerships

Chainbreakers has already partnered with Matic Network, OpenSea and Decentraland. Recently, they announced a cross-over with the popular cyberpunk game Neon Disctrict.

Moreover, the Chainbreakers team is talking to more than 30 Decentraland LAND investors owning hundreds of LAND parcels. Several LAND investors who have already been brought to Chainbreakers will be able to allocate their parcels to host quest areas.

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