Reviewing ChainGuardians, First NFT-Mining Games for CryptoVerse

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Reviewing ChainGuardians, First NFT-Mining Games for CryptoVerse
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ChainGuardians is the world’s first online gaming ecosystem where blockchain meets superheroes. The games available on the platform are unique and like no other within the CryptoVerse.

ChainGuardians is premiering a new approach to online gaming by combining anime and cryptocurrencies. It is the first NFT-mining game specifically designed for the CryptoVerse. 

ChainGuardians is building a player-centred gaming economy through an innovative approach that combines blockchain technology and legacy gaming concepts. The result is a hugely popular gaming ecosystem in the CryptoVerse. 

The development of the platform is aimed at ensuring players earn an income from their passion for playing online games. It has a reward program that allows players to earn cryptocurrencies from their participation in NFT Mining Platform and Role-Playing Game. 

This is an ingenious application of blockchain in gaming and one that will significantly improve the players’ lives by ensuring that their time and energy are well rewarded.

Changing Gaming in CryptoVerse

The gaming industry is one of the most skewed in terms of earnings for the various shareholders. The game development companies take home the biggest chunk of the industry’s revenues while ordinary players get only a small slice of the pie, perhaps a bite. Considering that this is a multibillion industry with revenues exceeding $100 billion, it is unfair that the players, who also happen to be its backbone, are the ones getting scraps.

The players spend their time and efforts on multiple games, testing out new ones before release, and even spend their own money in-game to unlock various features. Moreover, they have built huge communities around various games, effectively popularising them but get nothing in return. On the rare occasion of a tournament, the most skilled players walk away with the big prize while the rest can only watch in envy.

This is wrong and should not be the case. ChainGuardians is built to put an end to this exploitation of the players by providing them a platform where they get to earn cryptocurrency by playing games regardless of their proficiency.

ChainGuardians is pioneering a dynamic shift that is set to change gaming for good. By building a player-centric gaming economy, the platform will empower gamers by providing them with the means to earn revenues through multiple avenues.

Why Choose ChainGuardians?

ChainGuardians is one of many blockchain-based gaming platforms. It joins a growing list of innovative projects focused on transforming the industry for the players’ benefit. Nonetheless, ChainGuardians stands out, thanks to its ingenuity and these unique functionalities.

Well-thought-out In-game Economy and Battle System

The ChainGuardians gaming world is the product of genius thinking as it brings together varied concepts onto one platform. This is reflected in its inventive game economy. The games employ a real-time strategy where different players battle out with the winner earning huge rewards in a transparent manner. The rewards are a combination of the purchases made by players and game tokens derived from ChainGuardians collaborations with other gaming platforms and blockchains. 

The ChainGuardians battle system is also equally impressive. The Guardians have different powers and can join forces to annihilate the opposition and gatekeepers to gain power, credits armaments and artifacts. The players’ gaming skills and abilities are tested through their choices and application of strategies to conquer various establishments within the kingdom like castles, fortresses and dungeons.

In the ChainGuardians virtual gaming world, all the assets are digital collectibles that are referred to as crypto-collectibles within the ecosystem. This means that each guardian, weapon and armour is represented digitally as an ERC-721 NFT on the Ethereum blockchain. Each NFT is unique to prevent bad actors from replicating them. They are also limited in quantity, which helps maintain their scarcity and value across the various CryptoVerse marketplaces


The ChainGuardians ecosystem will have its native cryptocurrency called the ChainGuardian Coin (CGC). Mining of the CGC will be a reserve of the gamers by deploying the platform’s Proof of Stake (PoS) NFT Mining algorithm. Gamers unlock the mining privilege by staking their popular and rare NFTs. This will help them to get additional revenues not tied to their gaming activities. 

Slick UI/UX Interface

The ChainGuardians gaming platform has a player-centric design, built with the modern gamer in mind, which explains their slick UI/UX interface. The platform is aesthetically appealing and easy to navigate, attributes that make the player’s experience much more enjoyable.

The team behind ChainGuardians is working on building a state-of-the-art gaming application for the players. But before its completion, players can access all the gaming content on web browsers which is a reflection of how the application will look like. If this version one is anything to go by the ChainGuardians platform offers an immersive experience that transforms the player from the physical world to the digital realm of the ChainGuardians universe.

Industry Uniqueness

ChainGuardians is the world’s first online gaming ecosystem where blockchain meets superheroes. The games available on the platform are unique and like no other within the CryptoVerse. Other gaming platforms building on blockchain have sought to stick with the familiar such as card games, online casinos, and racing. ChainGuardians has chosen to take the path less trodden, bringing highly innovative games to the CryptoVerse.

The platform’s uniqueness and willingness to take risks with its bold approach to transforming the gaming industry is a huge bet that tips the scales in their favour. ChainGuardians is showing why it’s the superhero players who never knew they needed it by introducing a fresh approach to enable them to earn cryptocurrency by playing games. They are turning this passion into a really rewarding and quite lucrative endeavour. 

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