Chainlink’s Price Prediction Compared to Metacade’s for 2023-2025: Both Expect Increases but Which Is Better Investment?

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Chainlink’s Price Prediction Compared to Metacade’s for 2023-2025: Both Expect Increases but Which Is Better Investment?
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The MCADE token acts as the utility token and medium of exchange within Metacade’s ecosystem, providing the power for all transactions within the platform’s environment.

As more confidence enters crypto markets in 2023 following the prolonged bear market conditions that dogged 2022, experts are beginning to call the return of bull market conditions not too far away. The market recovery has been instigated by the return of Bitcoin to above the significant $20,000 level, leading experts to revise their forecasts for the next couple of years upwards.

For example, Chainlink’s (LINK) price prediction for the period 2023 to 2025 is much healthier now than it was six months ago, while the newly listed Metacade token, MCADE, looks set to build on its extraordinary presale performance that raised $16.35m in a rapid time, to take full advantage of the next bull market. With experts forecasting a healthy future for MCADE and LINK price predictions, which is the best investment?

What Is Metacade?

Metacade is an innovative project in the blockchain gaming sphere, with its pioneering platform designed to play host to the world’s largest online video game arcade. Metacade will place the community at the front and center of its entire ecosystem, incentivizing community building by incorporating rewards for different contributions into its comprehensive platform.

As the Metacade project rolls out and begins to hit the wider public consciousness, Metacade hopes to expand its total addressable market (TAM) with its wide-ranging multi-title platform, thus enabling it to expand its comprehensive library of titles further to appeal to the broadest possible audience. This has all been considered part of Metacade’s impressive whitepaper that has captured the imagination of crypto analysts and investors alike.

The result is a token that provides holders with vast utility, which will continue to grow as new features are rolled out over the coming months and years. In addition, Metacade will use its comprehensive rewards structure, which goes far beyond the usual P2E mechanisms of the GameFi industry, as an incentive for users to invest in the ecosystem via token staking, providing unprecedented levels of user retention.

How Is MCADE Utilized?

The MCADE token acts as the utility token and medium of exchange within Metacade’s ecosystem, providing the power for all transactions within the platform’s environment. This includes allowing players to access pay-to-play games, purchase merchandise, and power the comprehensive rewards system. The coin is critical in fueling the entire platform, allowing its functionality and upkeep. With a total supply of 2 billion tokens, buying pressure will increase as more users join the platform.

MCADE token will also be the power behind one of the most innovative and genius ideas within Metacade’s ecosystem, Metagrants. Designed to incentivize and aid the development, design, and creation of exciting new P2E titles exclusively for Metacade, developers compete to gain support from the community to gain funding for realizing their concepts. Metagrants are awarded for the best designs, with the community engaged throughout the process.

As well as driving MCADE’s eventual transition to a fully-fledged governance token within Metacade’s DAO, Metagrants will push GameFi inventiveness to new levels while supporting community members on their career paths.

Chainlink Price Prediction 2023 to 2025

Chainlink (LINK) is an innovative project that enables universal connection and interconnectivity of smart contracts in a fully secure, efficient, and reliable way. As the name suggests, Chainlink is a network that links different blockchains through a decentralized Oracle network that connects external data sources to blockchains. With Chainlink proving itself in the real world, it is a project that investors have been eyeing for several years. With the return of bull market conditions, Chainlink price predictions for 2023 to 2025 are buoyant.

LINK is currently valued at $7.40, significantly below its all-time high of $52.88. However, the coin is showing sharp upwards movement this year, and with bull market conditions just over the horizon, Chainlink price predictions for 2023 to 2025 show significant growth ahead.

Analysts’ Chainlink price predictions for 2023 show LINK pushing toward $10 but falling just short at $9.60 before increasing by 3x between now and the end of 2025 up to just under $22 before bull market conditions fully take hold.

MCADE Price Prediction 2023 to 2025

The MCADE presale event impressed investors across the board, and with its launches on crypto exchanges Uniswap and Bitmart successfully rolled out in April. Interest is expected to surge as further launches take place on exchanges such as MEXC. Events like these will only serve to grow the platform further as users flock to it.

It is currently priced at $0.022. Investors that get on board now, before bull market conditions, will take advantage of the increasing interest and user base. At the same time as the ecosystem matures, they are set to reap handsome dividends. $0.50 is considered by some to be a realistic aim for MCADE in 2023, with some estimates looking at $5 by the end of 2025, representing incredible gains from its current value.

LINK vs MCADE: Which to Choose?

There is no question that the use case of Chainlink is indisputable and that investors anticipate good dividends over the next couple of years as the need for linking blockchains and external data sources continues to grow.

However, these returns pale when compared to those possible with MCADE. With recent news confirming that Metacade have entered a partnership with gaming company MetaStudio, the platform looks increasingly likely to become a leading light in the growing GameFi sector.

For investors seeking a standard bearer for innovation while bringing home handsome rewards for investors, MCADE is considered a worthy investment for 2023 and beyond.

You can buy Metacade here.

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