Charlie Shrem Makes a 900 ETH Investment in Decentralized Video Platform Viewly

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Charlie Shrem Makes a 900 ETH Investment in Decentralized Video Platform Viewly
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Viewly, a decentralized platform, added Charlie Shrem to its advisors’ team. In turn, Shrem made a 900ETH investment in the platform.

Viewly, a decentralized platform, included Charlie Shrem in its advisors’ team. Shrem, being a legend among the crypto community, made a considerable investment in the platform.

Viewly is a decentralized video platform, powered by blockchain and peer-to-peer video sharing. It eliminates the  need for ads by utilizing the patronage model and allows creators to use fan support, micro-payments, sponsorships, memberships, premium content and more to monetize their content. Aiming to provide sustainable revenue for all creators, the platform allows anyone with extra storage capacity and bandwidth to host and stream videos.

According to Viewly, its platform is a kind of midpoint between YouTube and Netflix. To build revenue streams, creators don’t need to have a massive audience. Even those with relatively small audiences can use fan patronage, micro-payments, sponsorships, memberships, premium content and more to monetize their content. Smart contracts allow for payments that are instant, trustless and permissionless.

Viewly is aimed at breaking the virtual monopoly that YouTube and Vimeo have on the market. As ads detract from the viewer experience, promote binge-watching, keep the vast majority of creators from having the ability to monetize their content, and are in general, an outdated way of doing business, Viewly is to disrupt the ad-based model.

Recently, Viewly announced the Creator Advisory Board (CAB). It is a research panel comprised of trusted creators whose goal is to provide continuous valuable feedback in order to build a long-lasting, constantly evolving, and continually growing video platform. CAB came after YouTube announced changes to its monetization program.

Viewly aims to be ad free, removing the incentives to track users or manipulate their attention. It facilitates engagement and gives creators a chance to build a community of fans and engage with them in a more meaningful way.

Viewly raised nearly $8 million in the private pre-sale portion of its ICO, and is now holding its public token sale. Maximum token supply makes up 100,000,000. Hard cap is $12 million, and the accepted currency is Ethereum. After ICO is finished on March 22, token distribution will start.

More and more filmmakers, YouTube hosts, satirists, bands and others are joining the Viewly team. The news about Shrem’s joining the Viewly team got out earlier. A video welcoming Charlie Shrem to Viewly was released a month ago.

Shrem is Jaxx’s Chief Operating Officer and a principal at Crypto.IQ, a digital currency advisory firm. In 2012, he founded the Bitcoin Foundation, one of the earliest and most high-profile bitcoin companies facilitating bitcoin purchasing into major retail outlets. In 2014, he served as its vice-Chairman. Shrem was one of the earliest adopters in the bitcoin space – by some accounts among the first ten.

Recently, Shrem made a 900ETH investment in the company. His rich experience and contacts will be invaluable for Viewly.

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