ChatGPT Vision of Web3 Games: SketchGPT by GalaxyBlitz

Place/Date: - February 28th, 2023 at 1:17 pm UTC · 3 min read
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ChatGPT Vision of Web3 Games: SketchGPT by GalaxyBlitz
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Problems with Web3 Games: Lack of Immersion

A lack of an interesting plot can often lead to a lack of immersion in many Web2 strategy games. Also, one factor affecting the promotion of Web2 strategy games is that the game content is often very complicated to follow. As a result,  gaming guides and walkthroughs are often widely used by gamers when they play these types of games.

However, these gaming guides can only go so far in answering all players’ questions, so the GalaxyBlitz team decided to find a Web3 solution to this problem. The solution was developing a new AI-based model guide named SketchGPT, based on ChatGPT.

Since Galaxy Blitz is a sci-fi web3 strategy game, the game setting takes place in the future of the 24th century. The team has conducted secondary training for the model on the game setting and gameplay, so it has the effect of what SketchGPT calls “predicting the future”.

The guides trained by the SketchGPT model can not only communicate with players about the ins and outs of the game but also allow players to communicate extensively with each other about game settings and backgrounds, giving players a more immersive experience.

SketchGPT AI by GalaxyBlitz

SketchGPT is trained from four types of data:

  1. Three performance systems based upon Konstantin Stanislavsky (Soviet dramatist), Bertolt Brecht (German dramatist), and Mei Lanfang (Chinese opera star).
  2. The acting characteristics of many stars (94) from Hollywood, South Korea, and Hong Kong from the 1960s to the present.
  3. 4,948,789 profiles and biographies in the IMDB database.
  4. Writing skills of some English literary classics.

How SketchGPT works:

  1. SketchGPT can quickly convert some ideas and inspirations into thousands of story frames for game developers to choose from.
  2. Game developers can specify the character’s background, personality traits, and goal intentions, and thousands of pieces of basic character information can be automatically output through sketchGPT, from which game developers can then choose from.
  3. Integrating the story frame and the basic information of the characters, after which sketchGPT will deduce the details of the whole story. There will be dozens of possibilities, and these will be output on the screen at the same time.
  4. Game developers can choose story details in front of the screen at any time, and sketchGPT will adjust and deduce according to the game developer’s choice to ensure the logic and integrity of the game plot.

ChatGPT Vision of Web3 Games: SketchGPT by GalaxyBlitz


Many Web3 projects are focusing on AI, but most of them have no actual AI use cases. Even if the gameplay alone reaches the complexity of GalaxyBlitz, GalaxyBlitz can also offer advanced AI dialogue functions, on a level never seen in a game before.  In summary, with its next-level use of AI technology, GalaxyBlitz is pushing the boundaries of what is possible in gaming.

ChatGPT Vision of Web3 Games: SketchGPT by GalaxyBlitz

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