Chinese Character Version Loot: Cangjie (CANGJIE) Will Be Launched Soon

Place/Date: - September 7th, 2021 at 12:08 pm UTC · 5 min read
Source: Cangjie

This month, a black background TXT text recently swept the entire NFT community. Loot, only five days after launching, the 24-hour transaction volume has topped the OpenSea list. This is an black background on-chain NFT,and it’s only text. Anyone can participate in the casting. A set of fantasy adventurer equipment will be randomly obtained, of course, in the form of text. These equipment have the rare characteristics of random distribution.

Loot use a bottom-up way. Compared with creators who bring value to NFTs after issuing NFTs, we may enter a new age in the NFT field. The value of NFTs is no longer linked to a single organization or individual, but depends on the community. Strength and consensus, even though the ecological application built around Loot is still very primitive, it has given more imagination in this concept.

  • However, investment research institution BlockBoom pointed out that: after analysis the code,we found that Loot still has some loopholes. The content of Loot may be pseudo-random, and no de-duplication judgment has been made. Since Loot has only more than 6000 issued, the number of samples is small, and the probability of repetition is greatly reduced. , But when the sample size is large enough, there is a possibility of repetition, which violates the scarcity and uniqueness of NFT.
  • As one of the world’s largest public Chinese character source research institution, the operator of the Chinese etymology website proposed a new NFT technology reconstruction of Chinese characters project: Cangjie, each number corresponding to the character is unique. It is reported that Chinese etymology has collected nearly 100,000 ancient Chinese characters, and the creator of this database is an American whose name is Richard Sears. Digitizing Chinese characters has become the lifelong dream of him. Today, Richard proposes a new generation of Chinese character digitization concept: open CANGJIE (CANGJIE), reconstruct the digital transformation in the meta universe world, and accurately promote the broad and profound Chinese culture to the world.
  • The legend of Cangjie is that he is the historian of the Yellow Emperor, and he is the creator of Chinese characters. At the beginning of his creation, CANGJIE set up #5000 address numbers, from #1 to #5000 everyone can choose the Chinese characters which provided by Cangjie freely.

This is the first Chinese character NFT creator plan, created and promoted by all participants. Cangjie does not have any centralized company or organization. We pursue this great plan through decentralized blockchain technology for all Chinese enthusiasts. The Cangjie team will disclose the source code of Cangjie, the casting process is transparent, the algorithm  is simple, and Ethereum is used as the main chain. Anyone can use Cangjie to create names, words, idioms, sentences, poems, novels and other NFT artworks.

After you log in, the Cangjie platform will sequentially generate corresponding numbers from #1 to #5000, and then randomly make a Chinese character from the font database to participate in the casting. The number and Chinese characters will be bound and save on the chain forever.For example #1 Zhao #2Qian #3Sun #4Li,this Chinese character NFT may have various meanings, may be it’s surnames, first names or other meanings. The price of Cangjie NFT is not determined by the platform. Each address number is created by a different user. After the NFT is minted, the owner of the NFT will price it, transfer or auction, and the price will be determined by the market. When the address number is full, no new addresses will be added. The generated NFT works are uniquely bound to the address number and cannot be tampered with. And each Chinese character has five attributes: gold, wood, water, fire, and soil. Each attribute has a value of 1-99. When casting NFT, it will be assigned a numerical attribute according to the characteristics of the Chinese character. More play ways will be launched after it’s online. Players can create ID, fight together, congregation, pledge, match, make group words, make group sentences, idioms etc. And users will get P2E benefits.

Chinese Character Version Loot: Cangjie (CANGJIE) Will Be Launched Soon

It is reported that compared to Loot, CANGJIE has the following advantages in addition to the authenticity and uniqueness of Chinese characters:

  1. Compared with English, word combinations are more blunt and meaningless, while Chinese characters have specific meanings
  2. There are more combinations of Cangjie words than Loot, and there are 25 million possibilities for two-character words combine.
  3. Loot did not reserve ecological tokens in the early design. This problem has begun to emerge. CANGJIE reserved tokens for DAO construction when its first redesign.
  4. CANGJIE as the Chinese character NFT meta-data, in addition to CANGJIE’s single-character combination, it can also be combined with crypto punk and other avatar just like NFTs to give a Chinese name to NFT.
  5. In the future, the Chinese meta-data play ways will be more, and you can use pledge, word grouping, sentence grouping, idioms and other Chinese characters play ways, and users will get P2E benefits
  6. Cangjie NFT is also the pass ID that connects to metaverse and gamefi. Each NFT is marked with a number and the five elements: gold, wood, water, fire, and earth. In the future, there will be new play ways such as battles and congregation.

As an ecological reward, total Chinese NFTs characters are 5000, the team only reserve 250  characters , governance tokens CangJieCoin (CJC)’s total quantity is 75 million, and 50 million  CJC will be reward to community users who got NFT,the remain 25 million CJC will work for Ecological construction.