Clover to Launch Additional Community Token Sale Round on CoinList on May 4

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Clover to Launch Additional Community Token Sale Round on CoinList on May 4
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Amid the growing community demand, the Clover team has taken a decision to hold an additional community sale (Round 4) on May 4.

Clover Finance, a former member of the Coinlist Seed, has begun another round of token sales in response to public demand in the crypto community. The round of sales, the fourth of its kind on Coinlist, will go live on the 4th of May and will offer an additional 15% of the original sale supply, about 22.5 million tokens, as well as tokens leftover from previous sales.

Clover Token Sale on Coinlist

The fourth round of sales will enable about 7500 extra community members to access a net sales pool of 37.7 million Clover or CLV tokens for a small price of $0.20. However, there’s a purchase limit of $100-$1000, and tokens purchased are locked up for a year before they can be touched again.

Interested parties should note that this round of sales is only open to those who have registered for the Clover sale before the launch of the round, who have registered their KYC verification and could not participate in previous sales rounds. The initial launch of this fourth sales round will begin at 17:00 UTC, 4th of May this year, and go on each day until all available tokens have been bought.

Last week, on the 20th of April 2021, Clover completed three rounds of Clover token sales on Coinlist. Each sales round proved highly successful. The first round closed with 75 million tokens sold at $0.20 and locked up for a year—the second with 40 million sold at $0.29 for six months. And the third, 35 million tokens sold at $0.35 for 40 days. In total, over 25,900 new members joined the Clover community and are now holding the token, and about 135 million (13.5% of net supply) clover tokens snapped up in all the rounds.

What Is Clover?

Clover, started by Viven Kirby and Burak Keceli, is a virtual or Layer0 for cross-chain compatibility focused on bridging Polkadot and Ethereum networks. Polkadot supports the substrate-based DeFi service platform, and Clover, in turn, provides an easily accessible interchain infrastructure through its comprehensive backing for Ethereum’s EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) based applications, as well as an extensive suite of integrated developer tools.

Clover offers several features designed to smoothen and advance the DeFi experience for all its users. These include its “Smart Core”, comprising of services like CloverScan, Clover Explorer and a multi-chain extension wallet. Other features include their Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) Chain Simulation Technology, which allows seamless cross-chain communication between fiscal networks. EVM compatibility will enable developers to duplicate pre-existing DApps and release them on Clover using Metamask and other similar tools, and finally, Clover has low Gas fees.

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