CODI Is Pleased to Announce that the Private Sale of $CODI Has Begun

Place/Date: - October 8th, 2021 at 11:22 am UTC · 3 min read
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CODI Is Pleased to Announce that the Private Sale of $CODI Has Begun
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CODI, a new DEX ecosystem built on the Solana blockchain with a focus on speed and low-cost transactions, has announced the start of the CODI token private sales. The private sales began on the 28th of September and will finish on October 31st.

What Is CODI Finance?

CODI is a fully decentralized exchange platform built on the Solana blockchain that allows users to exchange virtual tokens, transfer funds easily between wallets, trade various cryptocurrencies, stake, and ensure market liquidity. By improving access to DEX services, they aim to become the ultimate decentralized exchange protocol.

According to their website and whitepaper information, CODI intends to use the Solana blockchain to provide faster transactions at a low cost in the DEX sector. Optimizing transaction speed and cost will open up the DeFi market, transforming it into a free space where anyone can easily transact. In addition, the scalability issue that has plagued other DEX built on the Ethereum blockchain is now resolved thanks to the Solana blockchain’s proof-of-history consensus utilized by CODI.

CODI’s IDO Launchpad and NFT Marketplace for artists and collectors are two features that set it apart. The IDO Launchpad is an integral part of the CODI ecosystem. This initiative assists DeFi projects in raising funds more safely and efficiently for upcoming DeFi crypto launches. In addition, CODI addresses a fundamental issue that affects IDO Launchpads: first-come, first-serve. Some people use automated bots to fill up whitelist spots in seconds, despite other participants having tokens. CODI’s goal is to become a fully decentralized ecosystem where everyone has an equal opportunity to invest.

The CODI’s NFT marketplace is also intended to enable artists and collectors to trade NFTs quickly and securely. CODI’s goal is to solve the problem of slow transaction speeds and high transaction costs that currently plague the major NFT marketplaces. CODI would create an NFT Marketplace using the Solana blockchain, allowing users to trade quickly and at a low cost.

The CODI Ecosystem appears to stand out from the crowd, you can learn more about this great project by visiting their website.

More Details on the Private Sales

As previously stated, the private sales are still ongoing and will last until the end of October. The pre-sale is a chance for crypto enthusiasts to participate in what appears to be the ultimate decentralized exchange protocol. It truly has the potential to change the DEX sector. The total supply for the private sale is 99 million $CODI, or 30% of the total supply of 330 million CODI. For the private sale, the price is listed as USD 0.02. According to reports, CODI has sold out 12 percent of the allocated supply for private sales. The sales show that other cryptocurrency enthusiasts see the token as a good investment opportunity.

To take part in private sales, you can contact them at [email protected], and they will guide you through the process.

You can also follow them on their social media channels to be a part of the community: Twitter, Discord, Telegram.