CoinList Announces Masa Community Sale for Over 63.5M Tokens

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CoinList Announces Masa Community Sale for Over 63.5M Tokens
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Masa is set to begin its community sale on March 7, with a minimum order of $50 and a maximum of $2,000, at $0.079 per token.

American cryptocurrency exchange platform and technology services company CoinList has announced the community sale of MASA, the native token for the world’s largest decentralized personal data network Masa. Since its August 2022 launch, Masa Network has garnered more than 1.2 million unique wallets and is actively contributing 23 million proprietary data points.

MASA Community Sale: Structure and Tokenomics

According to an official announcement, the sales will begin at 16:00 UTC on Thursday, March 7, with a registration deadline at 12:00 UTC on Monday, March 4. Masa announced an allocated supply of 63,554,660 MASA, which is 4% of the total token supply of 1,588,866,523 MASA. However, Masa may offer an additional 3% of the total supply (47.6 million MASA tokens) at the company’s discretion. The MASA sale structure puts the fixed sale price at $0.079, and enforces a minimum and maximum purchase of $50 and $2,000, respectively. Nonetheless, there is a provision of additional allocation requests with the same maximum, but a $100 minimum. Supported funding methods include the USDC and USDT stablecoins.

There are also lockup terms that affect buyers. 25% will be released when MASA launches on a centralized exchange, with linear vesting over 6 months. The listing on a centralized exchange is expected sometime around Wednesday, April 11, 2024. Unfortunately, Masa says regulatory guidelines exclude access to participants in several unsupported jurisdictions. These include the United States and its territories, China, Cuba, Iran, South Korea, China, and a few others.

MASA functions as the utility and governance token of the network. It is an Ethereum Mainnet token operating on the ERC20 standard, initially available on Ethereum and later the BNB Smart Chain at launch. The plan is to launch MASA on other networks, including Polygon, Celo, Avalanche, and Base.

Masa’s Plan for Utility and Governance

MASA’s utility includes incentivizing data supply and rewarding users for contributing personal data to the network. In addition, developers and businesses can also use the token to access and use the data, as well as all other services on the Masa network. However, developers and businesses can pay fees using stablecoins and other blockchain-native tokens. Furthermore, MASA is used to reward node operators for staking tokens to operate Masa’s zk-oracle nodes. Also, MASA’s utility covers network governance, which includes fee structures, technical upgrades, and others.

Masa plans to decentralize personal data, essentially taking power from Big Tech. According to Masa, these Big Tech firms resell users’ data without consent or compensation, a situation that will be potentially worsened by the ongoing artificial intelligence (AI). Masa aims to support internet users in owning, sharing, and getting rewarded for their personal data. The decentralization will allow anyone with an internet connection to contribute their data and earn from it. In addition, users will also have full control of their data, deciding what to share and who gains access. This data will support several functions, including training AI models, building innovative apps, and supporting decentralized advertising.

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