Coinplug Launches iOS App for South Korea

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Coinplug Launches iOS App for South Korea
The company has just released three iOS mobile Bitcoin wallet apps, becoming the first company to release bitcoin mobile apps for iPhones in South Korea. Photo: CoinPlug

Bitcoin exchanger Coinplug presented three new bitcoin wallet apps for iphones.

South Korea-based bitcoin exchange, wallet and payment processor provider Coinplug has introduced three new iOS mobile wallet applications.

It became the first firm in the country that released bitcoin mobile apps for iPhones. Coinplug, which was founded in June 2013, is targeted at customers in South Korea and other markets in Asia.

Three versions of bitcoin wallets are now available in the App Store. Each version was designed for different levels of users’ bitcoin knowledge.

The first application called Bitcoin Wallet Plus is tailored for users who will own, purchase and sell bitcoins at limit price and current market price.

The second one is Bitcoin Wallet, a ‘lite’ version of app targeted at users who will receive, send and hold bitcoins.

The third application, Bitcoin Balance Checker, is designed for users who will not hold bitcoins, but need to monitor addresses. In order to check a wallet balance, this version can scan any QR code.

Richard Yun, Coinplug COO, said that mass media in South Korea has been trying to educate people about bitcoin and give more information on the digital currency, especially Maeil.

South Korean daily business newspaper includes the largest annual business forum that usually invites the leading global business speakers.

After proposing a bitcoin event, local bitcoiner asked the newspaper to include a bitcoin sub-section to the conference that will be held in October in Seoul.

The conference will include such speakers as Roger Ver, bitcoin Angel investor, Jinyoung Lee, the Director of Public Affairs at Bitcoin Foundation and Peter Ho In, professor at Korea University.

Coinplug has received $800,000 VC funding since November 2013. The investment was raised partly from venture capital firm DFJ of Tim draper. Besides, the company helped to launch first bitcoin ATM in South Korea and released three apps for Android platform mobile phones in February.

In July, Coinplug announced that it would serve as a payment processor for Galaxia Communications, which provides online payment services, including gift certificates and sales of vouchers.

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