ICON is a blockchain technology company based in South Korea, is attempting to bridge this gap by creating a decentralized network of blockchain communities that can freely interact with one another without sacrificing their autonomy. The resulting structure has an emphasis on real world applications other digital currencies lack. The token will be called ICX and it will be one of many that can be transacted in the system. If the reader is interested in the detailed complexities of the ecosystem, they’ll have to consult the whitepaper themselves. This analysis is meant to assess the potential profitability of investing in this token and ICO. Token holders who actively participate in the ICON system will be able to earn more tokens as a reward for more participation. The token will be necessary to perform various types of transactions within the network, like most of the token schemes that will work. The work required to actually earn more tokens may be more than most traders would be willing to invest, so we then must calculate on the actual base demand for the tokens.
Rank 36
Price $0.6893
Market Capitalization $267 037 202
24 Hours Volume $12 426 762
Available Supply 387 431 340 ICX
Total Supply 800 460 000 ICX
Change (1 Hour) 0.63%
Change (24 Hours) 0.56%
Change (7 Days) 0.66%
September 12th, 2018

This report presents data on the cryptocurrency market movements in September, with special attention paid to the analysis of changes taking place over September 2-9, 2018.

April 19th, 2018

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