Trading Tips: From Diamonds in the Rough, to Whales in the Fork

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by Maria Konash · 4 min read
Trading Tips: From Diamonds in the Rough, to Whales in the Fork
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Check out three trading tips for those interested in crypto investing, and welcome Blue Whale Network, a new decentralized ecosystem for the self-employed,which brings a new meaning to crypto ‘whales.’

We’ve been enjoying a significant upturn in the crypto-markets over the past week or so, and this has been observed across the top-dog coins (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc) as well as up and coming ‘altcoins’. This is likely a strong sign that the crypto markets are on their way towards a long-anticipated recovery. As such, it would be hard to make a bad investment right now without practicing profound ignorance.

There are, however, some tried and tested techniques for crypto investment, which can be relied on no matter the health – or lack thereof – seen in the markets. It’s the identification of and early-involvement with promising coins at either ICO stage, or simply before they get listed on the larger mainstream trading exchanges.

Here are a couple of top tips…

1. Value Changes & Leading Exchanges

Being listed on a leading crypto exchange can significantly impact the trading value of any coin. Just look at Red Pulse (RPX) for example: a coin of Chinese origin which has recently enjoyed moderate success.

When grounded rumours began to spread that Binance was planning to introduce NEP-5 coins to their repertoire, it only took a quick Google search to discover that Red Pulse was the largest and most notable NEP-5 coin available at the time. Enterprising traders and investors, who took advantage of this opportunities, enjoyed an increase in value of 212.51% between the 5th February 2018 and its listing on the 12th of the very same month.

2. Roadmap & Vision: Essentials for Success

Bitcoin is the original and longest standing cryptocurrency, having been the first to successfully define and execute upon distributed ledger theory with a working and highly effective use-case. Over the years, the coin has managed to maintain its dominance across the markets due to recognition. This is in addition to a continuously improving portfolio of technical features (see: Lightning Network).

Despite its market cap and overall value, it could be argued that Bitcoin is a victim of its own success. One example is how the size of fees charged to users for performing transactions, as well as processing times, grow as a direct result of the popularity and value of the coin.

As a coin, original vision of which was to provide a decentralized solution for fast and cheap cross-party payment transactions, such a detriment to service is a significant flaw. This is what has inspired many competing Blockchains and cryptocurrencies to attempt to plug that gap with higher quality, cheaper and faster services.

3. Disruption: The Final Frontier

The final indicator of a truly promising coin, is one which sets its sights not on incremental improvements, but on the comprehensive revolution of existing (and often stagnant) marketplaces. This is where we come to our final example.

Blue Whale (BWX) is a coin which has a lot going for it, even in its early stages (the pre-ICO sale was completed earlier this year, raking in 25 mln Singapore Dollars). The team’s goal is to change the face of the ‘gig’ economy through the use of cutting edge decentralized technology.

By doing this, they plan to resolve and mitigate many prevalent issues which have long-gone unchallenged by the existing market leaders. Here is just a handful of ways that Blue Whale are set to change the industry:

  • Creation of a decentralized Blockchain-based proprietary economy: BWX coin will act as the transactional currency used by all participants in the platform (both client and freelancer). Benefits include free and instant cross-country transaction processing, in addition to significantly reduced taxation and commission fees.
  • Smart Contracts: Escrow is great. However, the definition and enforcement of contractual terms are often difficult to administer. The implementation of smart contracts ensures that agreed terms are autonomously enforced and instigated.
  • Based on the ICON Blockchain: Blue Whale is set to be the very first DApp on ICON Blockchain. The company has promised to provide the utmost support and tools to the Blue Whale team to make sure it is a great success.
  • Employment Benefits: In an industry first, the Blue Whale team has announced plans to provide benefits to freelancers which rival traditional job contracts. While details at present are minimal, the whitepaper suggests the possibility of features such as paid holidays and retirement plans.
  • Leadership Expertise: The organisation has been incrementally growing their talent, and recently added Mai Gang, co-founder of OKCoin, to their advisory team.

The Blue Whale’s ICO is set for a May launch, being soft capped at 25,000,000 SGD, while the hard cap makes 55,000,000 SGD. Contributors will have the possibility to buy BWX Multi-Utility Token with ETH and ICX.

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