CoinSpeaker Becomes 2nd Largest Digital Currency News Site, Catches Up With CoinDesk

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by Andy Watson · 4 min read
CoinSpeaker Becomes 2nd Largest Digital Currency News Site, Catches Up With CoinDesk
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CoinSpeaker is now set to become the second most widely read bitcoin and altcoin news site on the web, as a result of getting in a number of money- and time-sensitive exclusives that beat our competitors to the punch.

Your favourite bitcoin news site is set to surpass the 500,000 unique reader mark next month for the first time in a 30 calendar day period, making it officially the second largest read bitcoin and altcoin newssite on the web!

Lately, readers have been piling into CoinSpeaker, forcing owners to upgrade the site’s servers after the newsdesk ran a stream of hit articles and exclusives which have beat the competition to the punch in both context and content.

On top of the readership visitor numbers, Coinspeaker also boasts an unusually low bounce rate of just 40% this month, indicating that the traffic is made up  a new loyal following that is returning regularly.

Begun only in March this year by hit blogger Siarhei Karotki, who founded overnight success story TheBlogIsMine a number of years ago, CoinSpeaker by contrast got off to a slow start but after a calendar quarter began to surge ahead in readership numbers after the team hired financial journalist Daniel M. Harrison as editor-in-chief and managed to nab some top-name columnists and prized interviews that the site’s competitors have not managed to turn around. (These headline-grabbing exclusive sit downs with a veritable who’s-who of innovation, business and bitcoin will be featured in the coming months on the site). The gambit paid off – by November, CoinSpeakers readership numbers were off the charts.

The most popular stories of the month on Coinspeaker are:

The End of CoinDesk’s Proxy Index? – in this particular case we are particularly proud to have influenced the web’s largest bitcoin site – which never listens to anyone, ordinarily – to reexamine the clumsy calibration of industry-wide popular bitcoin price index. After breathlessly daring to stand up to CoinDesk’s editorial team early in the week when we noticed that exchange Lake BTC was creating unusual price fluctuations late in the Asian evening, by Friday last week it appeared that Coinspeaker was indeed making waves at the rival publication. “CoinDesk will continue to collect LakeBTC price data and review it for errors over the 30-day suspension period, and will also begin a process of reviewing solutions to prevent similar problems from arising in future,” CoinDesk’s editorial team announced begrudgingly.  A win for CoinSpeaker indeed!

EXCLUSIVE: Top Bitcoin Brokerage Sees Margin Shorts Up 10x In 24 Hours – while all the rival publications were sitting tight waiting for bitcoin’s price to continue to inch higher after an early climb, CoinSpeaker’s reporters were out gathering information on what was really going on. A Friday morning conversation with BTC Solutions’ chief executive Adam O’Brien, whose company facilitates margin bitocin margin trading, revealed that things were looking much more serious than the other publications were predicting – at least in the near term. O’Brien agreed to open up his order book exclusively for CoinSpeaker’s readers, and anyone who caught our scoop on the 90%+ short sellers in the market day and acted accordingly would have picked up a tidy sum indeed!

Cryptocurrency Fraud (Part 1): Identifying Ways in Which Fraudsters Operate – we pride our content on being written by real pros. That is especially the case when it comes to our guest commentary. Thus we are proud to announce that Kolin Evans, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency experts, has agreed to enter into an exclusive arrangement with CoinSpeaker where he provides commentary and analysis purely for our readers and not for those of any other rival publication. The first instalment of his 2-part series concerning cryptocurrency fraud went live this week to tens of thousands of grateful readers – thanks Kolin!

We are proud to be able to celebrate our successful advance on our competitors. We don’t have a newsroom anything like the same size as our rivals, so we balance our talents and energy, instead focusing on always trying and stay a little ahead of the curve on the issues where there is real money at stake and at the times where it counts most! 

We are delighted to see the formula is working! Thanks for reading!

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