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Coinspeaker Partners Blockchain Industry Group: Get Special Discounts Right Now!

April 26th, 2019 at 4:36 pm UTC · 2 min read

Dear Coinspeaker Members,

We are pleased to announce a special partnership between Coinspeaker and the Blockchain Industry Group (BIG).

As both our organizations have a common interest in advancing blockchain technologies, we have agreed to a special collaboration where the Blockchain Industry Group (BIG) is offering our Coinspeaker members free membership to the Blockchain Industry Group (BIG).

A free BIG membership entitles Members to:

  • 7 Blockchain Certification Discounts
  • 9 Blockchain Education Discounts
  • 10+ Blockchain Event Discounts
  • 5 Blockchain Development Discounts
  • 9+ Blockchain Services Discounts
  • Other Blockchain Offers and Discounts
  • Full Member Benefits

See Discounts and Offers:

See Full Member Benefits:

The free membership being offered is a free membership for an individual membership. Our Coinspeaker Members can utilize the discount code below. There is no other cost or obligation.  Members will not need to provide a credit card or any such similar information.

Discount Code: COINSPEAKER2019

Step 1: Go to Membership page

Step 2: Navigate to “BIG Regular Member” and click on “Join”

Step 3: Apply ‘Discount Code’ as requested

Please make use of this offer at your earliest convenience as in the future, the offer may be limited in time or scope, or otherwise subject to change.

About BIG

The Blockchain Industry Group (BIG) is dedicated to the advancement and adoption of blockchain technologies through the development and promotion of blockchain standards, education, certifications and collaboration. We will accomplish our mission through a close collaboration with the diverse and successful entities and groups already existing in the blockchain ecosystem, and a sharing of their accomplishments.

  • The promulgation of national and international standards for the development, implementation, use and governance of blockchain technologies;
  • The sharing of formal and informal means of blockchain education for both professionals and the general public;
  • The awarding of certifications and other evidence of accomplishment in order to recognize the achievements of our Members; and
  • The providing of virtual and in-person networking opportunities to enable the collaboration of Members with their peers throughout the world.


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