CoinSpeaker Partners With to Accelerate Solutions for the Publishing Industry

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CoinSpeaker Partners With to Accelerate Solutions for the Publishing Industry

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with, a project aimed at helping its partners to solve major issues faced by the digital media industry. is a blockchain-based platform designed for managing the ownership, attribution and licensing of creative digital assets. With a new partnership, we expect to leverage the benefits of the blockchain technology to ensure the security of our digital content.

Among the other integration partners are such digital media publications as The Merkle, ChainB, and Crypto Insider. Last month, the platform partnered with another bitcoin and blockchain related media company BTC Media.

Based in the US and Singapore, is a system for connecting content creators and publishers. It allows discovering new content, as well as verifying and authorizing generated content via a transparent and timestamped system of attribution.

The goal of the project is to build a blockchain platform that will simplify the process of licensing, publishing and authentication of digital assets. To achieve this, the project needs to solve the problems of ownership, attribution, arbitrage, analytics, syndication, and document integrity.

“ aims to create a Bitcoin blockchain-based platform with added smart contract functionality and applications to facilitate distribution of digital creative works and remove marketplace friction for publishers, editors and content creators by solving these issues, as well as creating greater cost efficiencies in hashing metadata than previously introduced,” Max Bronstein, Media & Strategy at, wrote in a blog post.

The future platform will include a digital media licensing marketplace and the immutable portfolio, an asset wallet for digital assets where territory and search parameters are considered for licensing and monetization.

“We are ultimately laying the foundation for an open, blockchain-based protocol for decentralized media applications,” Bronstein added.

The platform is also planning to release a bigger suite of data verification and timestamping solutions and DApps for various kinds of publishers. All of the’s partners will display verification Badges on their articles, which will correspond to an asset registered on the ledger. The platform will provide details about each asset, including title, owner, type, author, date published, tags, as well as the date of registration. has recently announced its native token (POE) crowdsale that will commence on August 8, 2017. The goal of the initial coin offering (ICO) is to raise the funds for the long-term development of the project, to form a community of invested shareholders and publishers, and develop a mechanism for rewarding early adopters and contributors to the platform. has already raised $1 million via a pre-sale of its tokens and is now going to obtain an additional $9 million.

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