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CoinTR Wants to Help Türkiye Become a Global Trading Hub

November 30th, 2023 at 4:54 pm UTC · 5 min read


A Night to Remember

It was on November 28th, 2023, that the global crypto exchange known as CoinTR celebrated its long-awaited two-year anniversary in Istanbul, Türkiye, at the MANDARIN Hotel. Several big names and key figures from the Turkish government and financial institutions attended, and for good reason The event focused on the emergence of cryptographic forces in Türkiye and the development of a blockchain-based digital financial infrastructure to catalyze the country’s digital economic transformation.

CoinTR Wants to Help Türkiye Become a Global Trading Hub

Over 500 participants, including representatives from the Turkish Presidency, the Ministry of Finance, the Central Bank, and state-owned banks, gathered at the venue. As previously mentioned, many big names were also found in attendance, including but not limited to the Chairman of the President’s Investment Office himself, Burak Dağlıoğlu. They all took part in a memorable presentation on the development of Türkiye’s blockchain-based financial framework.

CoinTR Wants to Help Türkiye Become a Global Trading Hub

At the venue, CoinTR CEO Ali Eselioglu took center stage and decided that now was the time to unveil the company’s vision for Türkiye’s digital future, emphasizing the need for a secure, reliable, accessible, and effective financial infrastructure to navigate the vast array of opportunities and risks presented by the ongoing technological revolution. Ali truly believes that Türkiye can very well end up becoming a powerhouse in the world of international trading, but only if the various challenges plaguing the nation are effectively dealt with first.

All Eyes on Türkiye

Türkiye has emerged as a promising cryptocurrency market, driven by rising inflation rates and the application of cryptocurrencies and Web3 technology. CoinTR, rooted in Istanbul, aims to address challenges hindering domestic digital economic development. Despite a significant digital asset usage exceeding $160 billion, most of it occurs on offshore platforms, posing a risk to Türkiye’s financial security.

CoinTR’s local focus aims to create a globally oriented, secure, and efficient blockchain-based digital financial infrastructure. By attracting global digital assets and integrating them into Türkiye’s real economy, CoinTR seeks to enhance national financial sovereignty and contribute to the country’s economic development.

Defining CoinTR

CoinTR is a reputable crypto exchange with its headquarters located in Istanbul. It entered the digital asset service arena in September 2022 and since then, the platform swiftly gained recognition within the industry through strategic collaborations with traditional Turkish financial institutions, engaging with partners in Beijing and London, and assembling a team of seasoned professionals with backgrounds in leading blockchain and crypto companies. Noteworthy is CoinTR’s adoption of a third-generation order matching system, emphasizing user safety and transaction stability.

To ensure a secure, user-friendly, and expeditious trading experience, the platform offers a diverse array of trading tools, encompassing fiat and spot transactions. Rigorous monitoring of user assets is in place to uphold compliance with official bank controls and international standards. CoinTR boasts a state-of-the-art buy-sell system characterized by low latency and high throughput. The platform is subject to authorized capital audits and facilitates Turkish Lira deposits through Vakf Bank and Ziraat Bank, aligning with international financial management standards such as SOX 404, GAAP, and ISO27000.

CoinTR’s competitive edge lies in its attractive buying and selling prices, optimal spreads, liquidity, and minimal slippage. These features contribute to a more accessible entry into the crypto space for users, supported by a range of trading tools. Moreover, CoinTR ensures round-the-clock customer service availability for inquiries, operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

CoinTR Wants to Help Türkiye Become a Global Trading Hub

Does CoinTR Offer Anything Else?

CoinTR has created a comprehensive set of digital financial infrastructure solutions since its inception in 2022, including three main systems: digital asset trading system, digital asset custody system, and application layer system. CoinTR boasts an outstanding secure trading system, which has gone through blockchain security audits by Hacken and maintains a service availability of up to a whopping 99.999%, with multiple node availability zones as well as fault isolation deployment.

CoinTR’s digital asset custody system is currently under development, with five products in the pipeline: wallet custody, wallet payment, alliance chain, trade alliance, and stablecoin acceptance. The objective here is to be able to offer users extremely secure encrypted asset custody as well as digital financial services such as encrypted payments.

The application layer system is intended to break down barriers between TradFi and cryptographic finance, to provide a real and easily accessible bridge that can cover both the real and virtual worlds, and to support global payments for encrypted banks, STO, gold stablecoins, stocks, bonds, and Turkish Lira stablecoins.

Finally, CoinTR attracted senior executives from five monetary regulatory bodies back in October of this year, including the Central Bank of Turkey, the Ministry of Finance and Financial Inspection, and the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency. CoinTR previously developed and ran the world’s largest exchange systems, with the technology team contributing to the design and implementation of licensed exchange systems and products within Japan, as well as receiving a trust license in Hong Kong and establishing wallet and asset management mechanisms.

Check out the official website alongside the X, Telegram, Medium, YouTube, and Instagram channels for additional information.

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