Commissions FREE Trading/Lending P2P on StiB’s Smart Contracts

Place/Date: Boston, USA - October 17th, 2019 at 11:13 pm UTC · 4 min read
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Our mission at StiB is mass adoption of Cryptos. In this second decade of Cryptos, we understand that it is about time for the mainstream to catch on. We develop Smart Contracts to solve the problems of centralized exchanges by combining solutions of decentralized and non-custodial exchanges to gradually moving towards complete decentralization of Peer to Peer (P2P) for either Cryptos-Fiats or Cryptos-Cryptos conversions.

In order to achieve and accomplish our goals, we develop the best runway for Cryptos to take off, we provide hybrid solutions by borrowing features of CeX and implement on DeX while eliminating the disadvantages with innovative applications built on top of our ecosystem from StiB P2P, StiB Pay to StiB DeX plus AI Chat/Support to assist everyone anytime/anywhere.

We did not forget to design a better and fair distribution model of profits through our StiB Reserves to all the users who can invest or stake their token holdings. We design an ecosystem for the community, controlled and staked by the community through StiB tokens.

  • A great time for Cryptos’ mass adoption in this second decade
  • We have a great business model for mainstream adoption
  • Now it’s time to raise funds and scale the ecosystem as well as expand our team!
  • We have an amazing team working around the clock 24/7 with creative ideas building innovative applications to decentralize everything financial with everyone in mind.

Why Trade/Lend with StiB’s Smart Contracts?

  • Simple, beautiful and easy to use plus much more:
    – Protect traders/users with StiB Legals comprised of local lawyers internationally
    – Commissions Free P2P Trading/Lending
    – Human Supports with AI assists
    – Zero downtime with Clouds failover & IPFS/Swarm as backups
    – End to End Encryptions with the best Security
    – Available in 200+ countries with 10 most popular languages
    – Responsive Webs + Mobiles apps (iOS & Android)
    – Trade risks free confidently from your own wallets to/from StiB’s Smart Contracts and/or to other peers with insured Escrow and Collaterals
    – 3 in 1 with ENS: your own Vanity Wallet, Personal Smart Contract and Domain (e.g: ben.StiBp2p.eth <-> 0x0dda5b6bbf013c554c68cbc7abb678d53edbede7)
  • StiB tokens will prevent pump-and-dump scheme
  • Instant settlements through StiB Reserves whether it is fiats-cryptos or Cryptos-Cryptos with quick Buy/Sell and Lend/Borrow

We focus on building the best runway for Cryptos to take off with our mission of mass adoption in the next decade. We are giving away billions of dollars in fees plus we pay back to our communities as well as pay forward to support future developments and spur innovations of the Blockchain.

StiB P2P

Now available for download on Google Play store: keyword “StiBp2p” iOS is coming, pending Apple’s approval so if you’d like to try it out we can certainly invite to TestFlight!

StiB tokens (sti)

You can invest now with Private Sales starting Oct the 15th $1M: $10k-$100k at 50% off the price of IEO/IDO at $0.005/sti $480k: $250-$9,999 at 40% off accepting ETH and BTC

StiB Charity

The goal is to build a self-sufficient and self-sustainable model that is easily replicated globally to fight Hunger and Poverty.

We’re hiring: we are based out of Saigon and Boston and we’re actively seeking for talents around the world. If you think you can contribute to our team and our mission please write a cover letter with your attached Resume/CV to support AT for consideration!

Connect with Us

StiB’s logan “We decentralize with everyone in mind!”

Commissions FREE Trading/Lending P2P on StiB’s Smart Contracts