This Company Seems to Have Figured Out How to Use Blockchain to Change Commerce Forever

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by Maria Konash · 3 min read
This Company Seems to Have Figured Out How to Use Blockchain to Change Commerce Forever
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Scanetchain, a decentralized open platform, disrupts commerce industry ensuring interoperability of advertising, shopping, contents, and social networking services through using augmented reality (AR) technology.

In 2016, we saw the true beginning of augmented reality when Pokemon Go took the world by storm. Before that, gaming and even the concept of virtual reality were considered to be isolated pursuits, and not something that productive members of society would spend a lot of time using.

But when more evidence surfaced showing that Pokemon Go had done a better job of getting kids outside than any other policy before, it became clear that augmented reality has the potential to be more than just a video game.

Blockchain is Still Insular

Right now, the same perception, people used to have for augmented reality, is applied to Blockchain. It is considered to be something that only computer geniuses and aggressive libertarians are playing with, and not something that can be made part of daily life.

The view of Blockchain as an insular group needs to be changed, and the best way to do this is by making its use helpful for everyone on a daily basis. Due to the changes in technology that have occurred in the last few decades, there are certain things that most people do every day. They view advertisements, interact with social networks, read content, and buy things. Knowing this, the broader applications of augmented reality would likely do well to integrate these use cases in some way.

Right now, the only way to link your physical presence to your online store is by using keywords or QR codes, both of which have proven to be relatively impractical.

A Holistic Solution

One company has been working hard to bring these two worlds together, and the result is Scanetchain. This decentralized open platform, with David Ham as CEO, has been built in partnership with NEM, which has four core areas of focus: advertising, social networks, content distribution, and commerce. The idea is that much of a user’s lifestyle will be encompassed by Scanetchain, and this will result in significant benefits in enjoyment and utility.

One example of this is the content distribution system. Users can register their content and hold a copyright for it. This protects their assets and allows to create an income stream by selling their product independently. In case you are looking for a more powerful alternative in the light of recent Facebook controversy, Scanetchain’s open market platform developed in the U.S. will use an automatic notarization system using NEM Blockchain called Apostle. The use of NEM Blockchain technology is the sign of a solid partnership that should allow for quick scaling of this innovative solution.

Scanetchain Token Sale

The value of the company is based on the power of the ecosystem. In order to help foment the continued growth of the company, a token is being issued.

Fully democratic SWC tokens will use the voting system that is native to NEM Blockchain technology. Using a proof of activity consensus system, the protocol will reward users for their activity frequency with more coins. The incentives are essentially being designed to keep the ecosystem active with the idea that the more vitality in the ecosystem, the more the coin will rise.

Scanetchain’s ICO is already underway, and public access will be available very soon. The pre-sale opened on April 9 and will go on until May 13, then becoming a crowdsale until June 7. With the goal of connecting offline environments to the Blockchain using AR, Scanetchain is going to take what started with Pokemon Go and use it to change how technology and commerce interact forever.

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