Congratulations to the Vinchain Team

Place/Date: Moscow, Russia - December 18th, 2017 at 6:36 am UTC · 3 min read
Contact: Anastasiya Kazakova, Source: Vinchain

Congratulations to the Vinchain! They just reached the first goal on the way to success. That means they have just sold 1.000.000 tokens. There were high hopes for such a start and we are glad to say that  thanks to the support of so many people who understand the value of the idea they achieved such a tall order so fast. The project has attracted many investors from all over the globe who are interested in seeing Vinchain grow.

Vinchain creates a solution to the fraud menace that is common in the automotive industry. They have created a decentralized vehicle database which has accurate information on used vehicles that cannot be altered. As such, a car dealer and a buyer can transact on a transparent platform. Over time, many people have been able to understand this project and have chosen to be part of Vinchain. As a result, the success of this great sale came true due to the effort of the team and the open minds of those who buy the idea.

This project has already earned a lot of attention from the automotive industry. They have been participating in conferences all around the world: North America, Europe, Moscow and they are going to be a part of UNLOCK Blockchain Forum in Dubai this January. They have won the second prize at the Moonrise startup competition in Tallinn. Vinchain’s partners are AutoInspect, EpicVin, VinGurus, VinInspect and ABetterBid.

Congratulations to the team and all who have been working towards this progress. It’s amazing that many people support, and see a great future in this project. All the hard work, attending conferences and competitions paid off in the end. Vinchain can be proud of the result and we believe they will be working hard to reach the final goal.

We also want to remind you that during presale 12.500.000 tokens are available. And as long as the first point in 1.000.000 token is completed, the price is different now. Don’t miss your chance to buy tokens with special discount only for presale. Vinchain decided to double the amount of token you get for your purchase, because of the growing price of ETH. Now you can buy 17.140 VIN for 1 ETH!!!

Hurry up and join Vinchain on the way to success!

To know more about the project you can check a website and social media: