Conn3x Launches Blockchain and AI-based Job Marketplace

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by Alexandra Sayapina · 3 min read

AI-based voice controlled assistant, progressive payment unit and support of the smart contracts create the effective solution for candidates and recruits to enjoy the lower costs and higher level of security.

Many people associate the blockchain technology exclusively with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. However, this technology has a lot to offer to the development of the digital world. Blockchain transactions possess advantages of high level of security, fast speed and low costs. These features have already ensured the success of blockchain-based startups in various spheres. Conn3x is making the most of the progressive technology to create the job marketplace of the future.

The traditional way of both finding a job and hiring personnel includes the work of the third party: head-hunters or B2B platforms. The development of the Internet changed this process – today more and more people rely on special online platforms and professional social networks. All of these methods have proved their efficiency. Nevertheless, the successful search still requires lots of time and efforts. What is more, the security of these solutions may be questioned.

Conn3x is a decentralized and AI-driven platform which achieved a new standard of job marketplace. The platform effectively uses all the advantages of blockchain and provides better user experience with the help of artificial intelligence.

‘James’, the AI module of the platform, serves as a personal Job Butler. The system has a lot in common with such popular voice-controlled applications as Siri or Amazon’s Alexa. James helps users to save time while using the job marketplace: starting from the creation of offers and ending up with the processing of payments.

The blockchain origin of Conn3x enables such features of the platform as security and fast international processing. The anonymity of the user is extremely important for the Conn3x team. Applicants are given total control on their information: they can even vary the list of skills shown to a specific recruiter.

The usage of smart contracts eliminates the need for the third party. The usage of blockchain technology is not only making this platform fast and secure – it also cuts down the costs and helps to optimize the process of head-hunting. The user database possesses high reliability as it is based on x11 algorithm that supports smart contract.

Conn3x is using its own Conn3x Coin for all the transactions within the system. It uses all the best practices of popular cryptocurrencies and offers users a interface for fast exchange of the token for fiat currency – Shape Shift. The decentralized payment unit is one of the major parts of Conn3x.

The platform is ready to reward active users to stimulate them to take part in the development of Conn3x. Even such simple actions as updating user profile can bring recruiters and candidates the reward; the platform is also eager to pay for the frauds reports and reviews.

Conn3x has already completed the pre-sale: 30,000,000 Conn3x Coin (C3X) have already been sold. ICO is scheduled for the 27th of March. The hard cap is $50 million. Conn3x is going to please the early supporters with a 90% bonus which seems to be a generous offer.

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