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ConsenSys Acquires Blockchain Notification Tool HAL to Enhance Web3 Development

UTC by Tolu Ajiboye · 3 min read
ConsenSys Acquires Blockchain Notification Tool HAL to Enhance Web3 Development
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Blockchain company ConsenSys looks to integrate with facilitator HAL to attain a broader-based and seamless Web3 experience.

ConsenSys recently acquired blockchain notification tool HAL for an undisclosed amount to facilitate Web3 development. According to reports, the HAL acquisition sees the no-code blockchain development tooling platform bring 10 employees to ConsenSys. In addition, HAL also migrates more than 40 blockchain-enabled application programming interfaces (APIs) to Infura, the ConsenSys’ renowned Web3 connectivity layer. The crossover APIs enhance tools like Infura and facilitate easier usage amid the emergence of the next-gen, decentralized internet.

The HAL acquisition underscores ConsenSys’ vision to continue enhancing its core product suite. The blockchain software tech company is also banking on HAL to help it build better systems for a decentralized future.

Commenting on the ConsenSys Web3-focused acquisition of HAL and all its trappings, Infura co-founder Eleazar Galano noted:

“HAL is a great fit for Infura as it allows users to access more than 40+ higher level APIs for blockchain / on-chain listening and signals. This integration means a step forward in Infura’s plan to evolve beyond the leading RPC provider and become a leader in blockchain development tools.”

HAL President and co-founder Marco De Rossi also weighed in on the development, saying:

“Since day one, we believed bridging Web3 and Web2 is paramount to improve blockchain user experience, reach less technical people, scale blockchain to mass adoption, and fulfill the trustless, people-empowering Web3 vision we are all excited about.

De Rossi added that the ConsenSys collaboration “tremendously accelerates the impact of HAL technology by bringing it to millions of users.”

Insight into How HAL Aids ConsenSys Interconnected Web3 Ambitions

As a blockchain notification tool, HAL sifts through protocol data and permits users to create notifications for several tasks and assignments. These obligations include trading, governance voting, and tax compliance. The acquisition allows Infura to integrate HAL’s notification service or configurable webhooks into its developer stack. Furthermore, this move would allow developers to create notifications and alerts at the protocol level for various signals.

HAL’s acquisition by ConsenSys also feeds into Infura’s overarching agenda to build an open, decentralized web. This enablement comes by equipping blockchain developers with powerful tools that support numerous networks and use cases. The acquisition also props up MetaMask’s functionality in offering a more dynamic and personalized notification system.

MyCrypto Acquisition

ConsenSys’ acquisition of HAL came one year after the New York-based blockchain company acquired MyCrypto. That acquisition aimed to strengthen MetaMask’s partnership and improve Web3 experiences through the leading wallet base. HAL’s integration could build on the user experience improvements since the MyCrypto acquisition.

Staff Cuts

Last month, ConsenSys announced plans to lay off 97 people to “adjust to challenging and uncertain market conditions.” With that announcement, the company became the latest tech player to reduce headcount in the face of economic uncertainty. However, ConsenSys pledged to support the affected staff and make their departure more bearable. According to the company, departing employees would receive severance packages depending on their tenure.

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