Constellation Network Rolls Out Project Submissions to Encourage Hypergraph Protocol App Development

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by Kseniia Klichova · 2 min read
Constellation Network Rolls Out Project Submissions to Encourage Hypergraph Protocol App Development
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Constellation Network, pioneers of the L_0 token standard, is inviting applications from entrepreneurs willing to build apps and businesses on its Hypergraph Network.

Enterprises Empowered by Seamless Interactions Between Big Data and Blockchain

In the last few years, there has been a rising interest in blockchain technology’s application to use cases that address threat vectors within the Big Data industry. While traditional blockchain technology is geared towards cryptographically securing financial transactions and ledger balances, it isn’t well equipped to secure complex datasets and schemas.

To address the inefficiencies of the traditional distributed ledger technology (DLT), Constellation Network introduced its Hypergraph Transfer Protocol (HGTP) last year. Using this technology, anyone can build apps and conduct business on a blockchain.

Working on its mission to enable more and more businesses to leverage blockchain’s benefits, Constellation Network has launched its Project Submissions initiative and is currently accepting applications from developers interested in building apps on top of the Hypergraph network with the L_0 token standard.

Using Constellation’s decentralized directed acyclic graph (DAG) and interoperability between blockchains, developers can integrate blockchain-like features with existing systems through an effortless plug-and-play functionality. They can also attach incentives to real-world business metrics and outcomes, build seamless and secure communication channels, and choose their preferred data management mode.

The company’s DAG network and mathematical proofs are purposefully designed to orchestrate the blockchain’s speed, security, transparency, and efficiency while ensuring the lowest possible transaction fees.

Higher Transparency & Data Security at Minimal Cost

Constellation Network’s protocol relies on a P2P reputation system, called Proof of Reputable Observation (PRO), that serves as the consensus model while simultaneously optimizing network topology. Meanwhile, the L_0 state channels provide solid business logic to build new crypto standards while ensuring high-grade security, data assurance, traceability, and stakeholder transparency.

Using this innovative platform and the network’s native token standard, the L_0 microservice architecture, developers can build unique applications and mint their own cryptocurrency with programmable business logic, rewards, and metrics reflecting unique business models.

At present, Constellation Network is collaborating with the US Federal Government to improve data integrity and data assurance. The company had also signed a working contract with the United States Air Force (USAF) last year to provide a scalable and secure approach to big data processing.

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