Cosima Foundation Partners with Avazu for DATx Platform Development

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Cosima Foundation Partners with Avazu for DATx Platform Development
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Cosima Foundation has collaborated with Avazu, a leading advertising platform with global coverage, for the development of its blockchain platform DATx.

Cosima Foundation has recently announced its collaboration with Avazu for the purpose of DATx development. DATx is a groundbreaking blockchain solution for the digital ad industry, which aims to set the new industry standard for digital advertisement.

DATx’s blockchain technology combines artificial intelligence and big data solutions for resolving the challenges inherent to the digital advertising sphere. Being a specific platform directly tackling the problem, DATx is a huge step forward in bypassing all the common flaws of the currently used approach, which results in nothing but clogs and scalability issues.

The platform is designed to highlight complete user behavioral patterns, such as time of ad delivery, viewing length, and eagerness to purchase on a transparent platform. Due to its transparent nature of the blockchain and immutability of data recorded on it, DATx allows advertisers to examine the effectiveness of their delivery, refine audience targeting tools, deliver precise ad content to those that matter, drastically cut back on cost, eliminate inefficiency, and optimize their outputs.

DATx’s decentralised protocol is set to deliver the fastest blockchain solution in the market, capable of supporting one million transactions per second (TPS), a vast improvement over the current tens of thousands per second transactions blockchain offerings. DATx is building its transaction speed prowess on a robust data storage and a better consensus mechanism for the blockchain that addresses the advertising industry’s high-speed demands.

The integration of incentive mechanism will encourage users’ participation and feedback for helping advertising platforms to enhance their user targeting algorithms. It is set to promote active and dynamic interactions among users, publishers, and advertisers within the ecosystem, which rewards both parties for mutually beneficial outcomes.

The DATx platform represents itself a user-oriented behavior archive for the digital advertisement industry, aiming to become an ecosystem that enhances value creation through its five-year long roadmap.

Avazu is a leading advertising platform with global coverage. It enables advertisers to accurately target user base and deliver meaningful ads to them through precise behavioral data. Avazu will be the first advertising platform to be compatible with DATx, enabling the blockchain solution to aid the company in customising native advertisements to the over 100 million daily active users on the platform and acquisitions of new ones.

DATx’s main goal is to design a favorable unified protocol for the entire advertisement industry. It is focused on the creation of an all-encompassing set of effective, secure and benefit-maximized advertising ecosystem, by leveraging on blockchain technology and combining artificial intelligence with big data solutions in order to resolve industry-specific challenges.

The company’s core team consists of more than 80 engineers, product managers, architects and UEX experts, while other core members for the development of DATx include senior executives from Avazu. Its official cryptocurrency, DATx token, is now open for sale to institutional investors, with a total of 10 billion DATx tokens issued.

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