Craig Wright Gets Extra Time to Prove His Point

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Craig Wright Gets Extra Time to Prove His Point
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Craig Wright has recently submitted new documents to the court. It should be noted that judging by the court’s mood, it definitely aims to put an end to the story soon.

Bitcoin SV is jumping more than 15%. The price of the cryptocurrency made by two controversial hard forks of Bitcoin is staging its own drama. At the time of writing Bitcoin SV gained 25.43% to $203.24.

Other cryptos were pretty flat though, but what exactly happened?

The most probable reason for the sudden increase in market capitalization is the spreading rumor that its founder Craig Wright has actually received the last part of the Tulip Trust documents. The same documents that might prove his part of Bitcoin’s creation.

As per rumors, Wright could submit these documents to the court hearing the case between himself and estate of his late business partner, David Kleiman already next week.

According to posts on Twitter today, Craig Wright has now received a document he has been telling us all about. And just when we thought that this is one of his usual “I don’t know where it is” stunts, it seems we were wrong. He is allegedly pledging to submit these as part of court hearings brought by the estate of his late business partner David Kleiman. Just for a reminder, Wright was accused of stealing the Bitcoin he mined with Kleiman at the very beginning of the cryptocurrency’s story.

Will Wright Settle with Ira Kleiman?

The Australian computer scientist said already before that he will receive the last document relating to a mysterious group known as the Tulip Trust in January. If this is true, he could actually settle with David’s brother, Ira. Wright also warned that Ira will crash the price of Bitcoin, since he will sell around half a million BTC as soon as he can.

On Friday, Wright got an order that until February 3 he has to produce the document. If he doesn’t make it so, there would be certain sanctions against him. Judge Beth Bloom expressed her doubts as to Wright’s ability to deliver the document to the court. In the court order, dated January 10, she said:

“Given the Defendant’s many inconsistencies and misstatements, the Court questions whether it is remotely plausible that the mysterious ‘bonded courier’ is going to arrive, yet alone that he will arrive in January 2020 as the Defendant now contends.”

Be it as it may, some Twitter accounts have posted what seems to be a confirmation of Wright confirming to have received the document from the “bonded courier”.

In the screenshots, that were apparently taken from a Slack channel of which Craig Wright is a member, the Australian computer scientist stresses that subjection next week is “certain”.

Even though many investors seem to be buying into Bitcoin SV on the obvious news, not everyone is too sure that Wright will abide those documents to the court next week.

Arthur van Pelt says the Bitcoin SV proponent and Wright’s wingman Calvin Ayre is increasing his forces to entice his favorite cryptocurrency on the obvious discovery. Via Twitter The Dragon Industries co-founder chucks all the rumors as a “fabricated scam” meant to pump the price of Bitcoin SV, constructing a better market for those behind it to ditch their own holdings.

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