Crowny Is Redefining Billion Dollar Ad Industry

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Crowny Is Redefining Billion Dollar Ad Industry
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Crowny’s platform makes use of the Ethereum blockchain and will subsequently use Solana for its fast transactions and low fees.

Advertising is a billion-dollar industry that suffers from an ongoing problem, and that’s ad relevance. In fact, 68% of people say they wouldn’t mind ads as long as they were relevant, yet half of the targeted ads go unseen. And with those ads that are seen, almost 50% of those are described as poorly targeted. All this doesn’t bode well for the user experience or the brands that pour money into these advertisements, and that’s where Crowny comes in.

Crowny is a platform that allows brands to create effective ad campaigns that reach their target audience with ease and simplicity. Likewise, the platform allows users to receive rewards for engaging with offers they like, from brands they already know and love. From both sides it’s an obvious win-win situation, and that’s why Crowny is poised to redefine and optimize the ad industry as we know it. This mission has also been recognized by major industry players like Serum, which provided Crowny with one of its largest historical grants to build on Solana.

Solving Some of Advertising’s Biggest Problems

90% of consumers are influenced by ads before making a purchase, but current ad solutions are pretty inefficient at reaching those consumers. This is because the ad industry suffers from a few main problems.

  1. Reduced exposure
  2. Increasing costs through waste
  3. Elusive audiences

Crowny addresses these issues head-on inside of the platform. First, the Crowny App allows users to interact with their favorite brands so there’s never an issue with ad relevance. And even better, users of the app are not at risk of exposing their private data, so they use the app with full confidence that their privacy is being upheld.

Further, brands and entities avoid increasing costs because they engage with consumers in a number of ways such as push notifications, geofencing, QR codes and various forms of gamification. This positive and highly targeted interaction feeds well into the ongoing relationship consumers have with the brands they love and that creates a far more profitable outcome for brands and a better experience for the consumer.

Easy Access to Relevant Content

When users first fire up the Crowny App they are presented with a set of preferences that will ensure they have the best possible experience with the brands they want to interact with. Users can choose everything from advertisement frequency to GPS trigger frequency, blocked content and a host of other features. Users can even block specific adverts from ever displaying again, which shows you the level of detail Crowny has put into the platform for safeguarding the users privacy.

On the other side of the platform are the brands, that like users, need to set up a profile account. This account allows the brands to make use of the loyalty system and set up advertising campaigns. With the loyalty system, brands can set up real-time campaign overviews and use a number of data analysis tools to optimize their marketing efforts.

For the brands, this means a much more efficient use of resources and for users that means a consistent stream of relevant ads. Whether dealing with brands or users, the Crowny app ensures that all parties have easy access to the information they want, and this is a huge catalyst that will push Crowny to mass adoption.

Strong Fundamentals and Bigger Vision for Advertising

Crowny’s platform makes use of the Ethereum blockchain and will subsequently use Solana for its fast transactions and low fees. The $CRWNY token will eventually be used by companies to pay for services on the Crowny platform, and the token can also be used for staking purposes and other use cases. Crowny has received backing from leading investors such as Rarestone Capital, Dao Maker, AscendEX, and AU21, along with a global community of nearly 15,000 supporters around the world.

With a team composed of a number of high level professionals and advisers with decades of experience in technology and blockchain, and a platform that puts users and brand satisfaction at its core, Crowny is well poised to shake up the advertising industry.

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