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Crypt-ON: All You Need for Secure Transactions

September 27th, 2018 at 3:00 pm UTC · 3 min read

Apart from traditional practice of an escrow agent holding a sum of money on behalf of a transacting party for, say, a real estate transaction, employers and contractors are starting to use independent third party services too. The fast growing market for freelance creates a trust issue, because parties involved in a transaction do not know each other.

And while freelance is getting more popular, freelancers are starting to get bigger and more expensive projects. Escrow remains the most reliable tool for transaction security that exists today.

The blockchain community is also increasingly turning to escrow services. The reason is that community members are anonymous to each other and what’s more important – they prefer it to stay this way. In such a business environment any tools that help increase transaction security and protect interests of both parties are indispensable.

The Crypt-ON P2P platform will become a global workspace for the entire crypto industry. Transactions with customizable smart contracts, fiat to crypto exchange with the nearest buyer/seller found via geolocation, P2P-lending and a crypto freelance employment exchange – each branch interacts with the rest according to a well thought-through plan developed to ensure maximum convenience and security.

In addition to transaction support, Crypt-ON offers to use a trust token to store and check every user’s transactions on the platform, their transaction results and ratings from other users as well as arbitration and an insurance fund replenished with a part of the platform’s income from fees.

The Crypt-ON team plans to attract a lot of active users by creating a secure ecosystem for various businesses based on one platform, and then start realizing the concept of a decentralized autonomous organization by granting full decentralization and equal rights for all participants.

The idea of a multiservice P2P platform utilizing cryptocurrency has already attracted the attention of the blockchain industry opinion leaders. Crypt-ON founder Paul Andreev and the Sales Advisor Pavel Almazov presented the project to potential partners and investors during the Blockchain Cruise Mediterranean that was organized by CoinsBank and attracted more than 2500 participants from more than 55 countries.

Brock Pierce, one of the most prominent members of crypto community, the Director of the Bitcoin Foundation and one the Blockchain Capital founders, also attended the event. After a long talk, Pierce, well known for his unfailing expertise in blockchain projects, highly appreciated the Crypt-ON project and gave Andreev a medallion for luck.

Crypt-ON plans for the near future is to launch the first round of pre-TGE token sale on 1st October 2018. However, you can already join the white list and get a 20% discount!