Crypto Bridge Network Opens their Pre-Sale Token Generation Event to U.S. Investors for the Creation of New Crypto Bridge ATM Network

February 12th, 2018 at 10:14 am UTC · 4 min read

Crypto Bridge Network has announced it has opened a pre-TGE token sale to U.S. investors to build a network of Crypto Bridge ATMs. The Crypto Bridge Network would allow for the instant and convenient sale and redemption of all types of crypto currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as fiat currencies, and allow for the transfer of electronic money orders and bill payments globally.

A source from within the organisation stated that:

“Juniper Research predicts that transaction volume for cryptocurrencies can reach $1 trillion between now and 2022, with much of that volume being attributed to just Bitcoin and Ethereum currencies,” said Scott Messina, Co-Founder of Crypto Bridge Network. “Yet there is a dearth of crypto currency ATMs both here in the United States and internationally to accommodate the growing consumer demand for inexpensive access to these currencies. This is a demand we intend to fill by becoming the convenient and instantaneous bridge between fiat and cryptocurrency.”

The Crypto Bridge ATM Network

The Crypto Bridge ATM Network is expected to significantly improve individual access to crypto currencies. To access Crypto Bridge Network ATMs, consumers will not need bank or exchange accounts, or credit or debit cards. They will simply visit a location with a Crypto Bridge ATM or download a Crypto Bridge Network app on their phones, and setup up an account instantly.

Individuals will then be able to deposit fiat cash into the ATM and receive the crypto currency of their choice in their digital wallet. The reverse transaction will also be supported with the redemption of crypto currency and the ATM distributing the user fiat money.

Research shows that there are just over 1,400 Bitcoin ATMs in the United States and just more than 2,000 worldwide. This compares with approximately 425,000 ATMs in the US and 3 million worldwide. The current Bitcoin ATM market is very fragmented in regards to ownership and is not supported by a centralized network.

We at Crypto Bridge Network plan to build a national and international CBT network that will serve the general masses by providing a seamless experience in accessing the crypto currency market and also raise the exposure for new token creators.

Crypto Bridge Network partners will have access to its ATMs at no charge along with issuance of Crypto Bridge ATM tokens to facilitate network usage. This model is a game changer for the industry, which will significantly reduce costs to deploy cryptocurrency ATM machines.

Part of the Crypto Bridge Network strategy for success will include a public education and awareness campaign to dispel the myth that crypto currencies are havens for illicit activities and build consumer acceptance of these currencies. Crypto Bridge Network revenues streams will come from both the company’s CBTs and its mobile application.

Token Generation Event

Investors will have access to a limited number of Crypto Bridge Network tokens during the pre-token sale, during which the company intends to raise up to $2 million, according to Messina. The pre-sale began on January 22, 2018. Crypto Bridge Network LLC will be accepting Pre-Token contributions secured by a SAFTE Agreement at a discount up to 92.22%. This investment will fund the initial roll out of Crypto Bridge ATMs. A public token sale is expected to follow in the first half of 2018 with a target sale of up to $50 million.

Messina stated that:

“It’s our goal that after our public token sale, Crypto Bridge Network will more than double the number of Crypto ATMs worldwide, making our network the dominant player by far,”.

Crypto Bridge Network has filed a form D with the Securities and Exchange Commission and it’s whitepaper is available here.

About Crypto Bridge Network

Crypto Bridge Network is introducing a unique automated crypto ATM platform network that will leverage the increasing popularity of crypto currency, while providing unprecedented access to popular and emerging currencies with an array of additional services targeting the financial needs of investors, families, and individuals in all communities around the globe. Crypto Bridge Network was launched to provide access to crypto currencies by providing an international network of ATM machines that will allow the average consumer to exchange local fiat for cryptocurrencies quickly and easily.


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