Crypto-friendly Partners with Blockchain Platform Solution Komodo

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Crypto-friendly Partners with Blockchain Platform Solution Komodo
Photo: peer2cash, a crypto-friendly peer network, has announced its collaboration with blockchain platform Komodo for further development of its projects.

The professional human peer digital group has just announced its collaboration with Komodo, the team behind BarterDEX decentralized exchange and blockchain-based Komodo platform.

The agreement was sealed for an undisclosed amount and includes a deal for Komodo to receive 10% of the tokens to be issued by, held in escrow and distributed by a legal entity before summer this year.

The represents itself a legally backed cryptocurrency fund receiving revenue from all business projects. These projects will cover a wide spectrum of business models that do not need to handle cash, allowing the group to implement a fully digital approach to enterprise, while directing its efforts on bridging the worlds of fiat money and cryptocurrency.

Apart from the company’s flagship product, the Gibraltar-based team of blockchain professionals is actively developing four main business lines, building digital use cases for the real world and services that are easy to engage:,, and

The first one,, will be the traditional currency gateway for decentralized applications (DApps) and distributed economy. It used to be available in beta for the past two years and is currently being scaled for optimum utilization.

The second,, is the group’s efforts to support the Komodo Platform as the hub of modern technology enabling financial freedom and enhanced privacy. The group is already engaged in Notary nodes elections within Komodo to become members of its foundational technology.

The third,, will be a crypto-enabled card program designed to bring about digital independence. A development roadmap is already emerging, laying out three initial phases that will begin by allowing users to transfer funds to any debit or credit card willing to accept it. Once this is in place, the second phase will allow users to purchase bitcoin and other digital assets directly with the card. Finally, will issue its own branded card to users.

And the last but not the least,, will be a white label marketplace solution offered to over-the-counter (OTC) traders and exchangers. The platform will be an easy and simple way for anyone in the world to participate in the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies as a profit generating activity.

Further down the road, the group has already laid down initial groundwork on at least four other business lines, including a public reputation service (, a legal and tax network (, an escrow service for freelancers ( and a facility for developing services on top of the Komodo platform ( tokens will be distributed to all supporters, partners, staff and contributors before summer 2018. Holders will be able to exchange their tokens against the corresponding percentage of stakes accumulated in the fund once passing a KYC procedure. Alternatively, tokens can also be traded on the open market, where available, including the BarterDEX decentralized exchange by Komodo.

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