Crypto Payment Platform Presents Its New Crypto-to-bank Feature Instafill

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Crypto Payment Platform Presents Its New Crypto-to-bank Feature Instafill
Photo: / Twitter has announced its solution that will let users directly connect a crypto currency wallet address with a bank account.

Despite the fact that the period of record crypto heights seems to be in the past, more and more people are engaged into this industry which means that the demand for smart solutions is still growing. Bearing this idea in mind crypto payment platform has prepared something to offer.

PiixPay Platform is one of the leading crypto payment platforms. It was established in 2014 and since that time it has been continuously expanding its services, offerings and geography. Now it operates in 102 countries of the world.

The platform pays a lot of attention to the regulatory issues, trying to enhance the system in accordance with existing laws and regulations with a view to stay absolutely compliant and not to lose in the constantly growing competition. Moreover, the team is always trying to stay visible and open for communication with clients having an aim to get the freshest feedback which is a very important component for improvement.

The system itself functions fully automatically. When payment details are submitted by a client and a desired cryptocurrency is chosen, a dedicated crypto currency address and a sum to be paid are displayed practically immediately.

When crypto is received by the platform, a bank file is generated automatically. After that the transaction should be confirmed by the platform’s bank. As soon as it is done and confirmation is received, the payment goes to beneficiary’s bank.

That’s a standard scheme of the platform’s work and now it is announcing a new feature called Instafill.

Benefits of Instafill

Instafill has been under development and throughout testing for a lot of months but now the platform is ready to release the first part of its crypto-to-bank feature.

This new feature will give users an opportunity to bind a crypto currency wallet address with a bank account directly. It means that this service will connect a dedicated crypto wallet address to a client’s bank account address, and as a result a user won’t waste time on entering the bank account details manually each time as the system will remember it and funds will be sent to this account automatically.

A desired bank account can be linked with several crypto addresses. At the moment, the system supports Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Dash (nevertheless, this range may be expanded in the future).

All crypto assets sent to the chosen bank account address will be exchanged for euros and the transaction will be automatically directed to the bank account indicated earlier. The service will be available for clients from 102 countries.


This solution can be widely applicable. For example, it is expected that it will be actively used by miners. Nevertheless, it’s also worth mentioning that it can bring a lot of benefits for those who just need to do simple everyday payments including sending money to their relatives and friends.

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