Easy, Reliable and Cheap Crypto Payments Real with EXPO Pay

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Easy, Reliable and Cheap Crypto Payments Real with EXPO Pay
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EXPO created a platform called EXPO Pay which will help entrepreneurs to accept payments in crypto. It is reliable, safe, with good functionality and minimum commission.

In the modern world, one of the most important indicators of any business is the speed, simplicity and convenience of payments. If you have an excellent business with favorable prices and a unique offer, but the client needs to spend several hours and pass a serious test for the nervous system to pay for the product – most likely, he will go to the competitors.

But, fairly speaking, it is worth recognizing that for most businessmen, tracking and implementing the latest fintech innovations is not an easy task, since it requires a lot of money, time and qualifications. To solve this problem, EXPO created a unique EXPO Pay service. The platform helps entrepreneurs to accept payments in cryptocurrencies, which are becoming more popular every year, and their existence can no longer be ignored.

The developer of the new payment service is EXPO. This platform offers customers a variety of products and tools for investing, trading and generating passive income. EXPO Pay with confidence can be called one of the most successful products of the company. In just two years of work, 11,000 businesses have become service customers, and the total amount of payments made through EXPO Pay is approaching $ 30,000,000,000.

Why is this payment service so good and what allowed it to gain such popularity?


EXPO Pay platform allows you to accept payments for goods and services in popular cryptocurrencies. The list of available coins includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, AdvCash and Perfect Money.

Reliability and Safety

The developers encrypted all transactions with a special AES-256 algorithm, which is recognized by the U.S. government. It follows that the business and its customers don’t need to worry about the potential threat of a hacker attack or theft of funds.

Minimum Commission

ExpoPay offers one of the lowest commissions that has ever existed on the market – only 0.5%. In addition, using the EXPO Pay Dollar tool, users will be able to transfer funds and pay bills with a 0% commission.


Payment service can be used not only for the purchase of goods. EXPO Pay allows you to exchange assets, and also implies the use of a convenient cryptocurrency wallet for storing tokens.

And the most important thing that allowed EXPO to gain a foothold in the cryptocurrency payment market is ease of use. To pay for goods and services with cryptocurrencies, entrepreneurs no longer need to hire the staff of the blockchain developers and obtain the appropriate permissions from the regulators. You can only connect EXPO Pay to the site of your business through the API. What could be easier?

Here it is, the recipe for an ideal payment service. Solving an important and urgent task for modern businesses, EXPO combined technological solutions with customer focus, which allowed their EXPO Pay service to occupy a significant part of the market and gain a positive reputation.

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