Crypto Retailer Bittreo Releases Software to Help Anyone in The World Start a Crypto Brokerage

April 10th, 2019 at 3:27 pm UTC · 3 min read

Vancouver-based retail cryptocurrency brokerage Bittreo today announced it will begin offering its crypto brokerage software in June of this year.  Bittreo’s new SaaS (Software as a Service) product will greatly simplify the process for anyone starting a retail crypto brokerage, anywhere across the globe.

Yum Kasukawa, Co-Founder of Bittreo underlined the benefits of having a physical location;

“This is a game-changer for global crypto adoption. The main obstacles facing the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies are a lack of trust and difficult access. Our physical location where investors can transact face to face with trusted professionals solves both of those problems.”

Kasukawa continues;

“By using our software, we can empower entrepreneurs to start their own retail crypto locations, anywhere in the world.  We envision thousands of businesses using our software across the globe providing access to a trusted source for cryptocurrency to millions of customers.”

Key Features

Some of the main highlights of the Bittreo software include the ability to connect via API to a host of exchanges, execute trades in real time, record transactions, automate receipts, store customer data, manage user roles and permissions, and perform extensive business intelligence reporting.  While this is standard for software platforms for traditional industries such as currency exchanges, nothing like this exists for the crypto industry.

Bittreo developed this SaaS, based on their first-hand experience operating a retail crypto brokerage. Since December 2017, Bittreo has operated a highly successful retail location in Vancouver, BC. In 2018 alone, Bittreo’s retail sales at this location exceeded $20M.

Bittreo has surpassed all odds by recording their first year of business in 2018, (a relentless bear market) yet still achieving such impressive sales, really underlining how well developed their retail model for cryptocurrency is. The company now anticipates strong demand for it’s software offering in 2019, and beyond.

Malcolm Weed, Co-Founder of Bittreo explains the level of response from the Industry since Bittreo’s launch;

“The response has been overwhelmingly positive. Since the first day we opened Bittreo in Vancouver, we’ve had numerous requests from customers, industry peers and businesses to help them open their own crypto brokerages across Canada, the US, Europe and as far as Australia.”

Weed continues;

“Whether someone wants to open their own Bittreo location, build their own brand or integrate our software into their existing business, we can help.  Now that we’ve officially announced June 1st as our launch date, we anticipate even more signups to the waitlist on our website”.

Bittreo’s Vancouver location is clearly a proven use case for their business model. If enough entrepreneurs can replicate this by utilizing Bittreo’s software, this really could be a turning point for global crypto adoption.

About Bittreo

Bittreo is a Vancouver based crypto retailer committed to helping people trade and invest in cryptocurrency.  Its retail brokerage in Vancouver is a trusted location where people can buy and sell cryptocurrencies in person. The company is the first to offer Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that empowers anyone to start a retail crypto brokerage anywhere in the world.

Bittreo strives to become a multi-faceted financial services company for crypto, offering retail trading services at its physical brokerage and online through its trading platform.  For more information, visit the website.


Yum Kasukawa

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