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New Crypto Super Presales: Metacade, Big Eyes Coin, and EcoTerra are About to Takeoff

March 7th, 2023 at 7:11 pm UTC · 3 min read

New Crypto Super Presales: Metacade, Big Eyes Coin, and EcoTerra are About to Takeoff

Super-fast and Secure Coins: Let’s Compare These Out-of-this-world Cryptocurrencies

Metacade (MCADE), Big Eyes Coin (BIG), and EcoTerra are at different presale stages, but who may have the most promising launch? Keen to catch up, EcoTerra is fuelling up and has raised over $17,000 with a target of $2,000,000. Whereas Big Eyes Coin is almost at the launchpad with over $30,000,000 raised so far! Metacade is almost at $9,000,000; its presale has raised over $8,321,0000, soaring towards its overall target of just over 5% of its coins left to purchase. There are plenty of coins to go around – but time is running out!

Cryptocurrencies offer internet users across the globe the chance to make money. According to Triple-A, there are over 420 million cryptocurrency users out there already. Another interesting fact you might like to know is that the average cryptocurrency owner makes an annual income of $25,000. Imagine being able to earn that kind of money from anywhere in the world. Now that’s pretty impressive!

That’s exactly the kind of opportunity that Metacade, Big Eyes Coin, and Eco-Terra could give you, and more.

Does Slow and Steady Win the Race?

EcoTerra has got off to a bit of a slow start, with just over $17,000 raised so far. Like the trees it is pledging to plant, some presale figures take longer to grow than others. Despite this, their whitepaper is surprisingly interesting; they offer Tokens to their users for recycling through their R2E system.

New Crypto Super Presales: Metacade, Big Eyes Coin, and EcoTerra are About to Takeoff

Who Could Be the Most Swift and Secure?

Similarly, Big Eyes Coin is at stage 12 of its presale, and they are ready and raring to go. The meme currency has already raised over 30 million dollars and counting. If those high numbers make you feel dizzy, what is great to know is that their website states their contract code is fully audited by Solidity Finance and is shown to be 100% secure. Big Eyes Coin hasn’t stopped there, they want the future of marine life to be secure too, and that’s why they are pledging that 5% of their Tokens will go to donations for saving our oceans.

Could You Become a Millionaire Overnight?

Don’t catnap on this opportunity. Their presale is selling out fast, which could be thanks to their exciting new Loot boxes, which give users a chance to make huge prizes! Their super surprise Loot boxes range from its $99 Cute Boxes, which could get you a prize of $5k, all the way up to their Excali-paw Boxes, which cost $9999 and could win you up to $1 million! WOW!

New Crypto Super Presales: Metacade, Big Eyes Coin, and EcoTerra are About to Takeoff

Metacade Has Made Almost $9 Million

Metacade pride itself on being a metaverse hub for gaming and community spirit. Users will have the chance to enjoy the gaming experience while being given a chance to earn native $MCADE Tokens for giving their own input into the community. Clearly, they have a lot to offer very soon.

Cryptocurrencies are finding new ways to benefit the environment and our wallets. The best time to cash in on a venture is with careful consideration before they take off!

More information on Big Eyes Coin: Website, TelegramTwitterYouTube.

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