Cryptocurrency Reporter Creates Crypto Art Puzzles to Give Money, Entertain and Educate

February 17th, 2022 at 8:32 am UTC · 4 min read

Jeff (aka Bitpainter), is a crypto reporter with rich background in the space. Back in 2014, he started working on news pieces, investigations and translations for several popular Russian language news websites. Over time, he started working with news teams as independent contributor in English language Internet space.

During such a work, he was writing news, guides, investigations and translations in both English and Russian. He also made interviews with notable people of crypto space, including Andreas Antonopoulos, Roger Ver, Luke Jr, Sergej Kotliar, and others. His area of expertise include Bitcoin, blockchain, and all of the new wave financial tech.

Over the years of writing, Jeff came to a marketing idea of what he calls the „Bitcoin Quest“. In terms of the Quest, people search for Bitcoin seeds hidden inside large scale A1 drawings and keep whatever Bitcoin they find. Jeff likes drawing big pictures in comics style with a lot of tiny details in them. And he loves diving deep into crypto wallets functions. So he came to an idea of hiding those crypto seeds inside his drawings.

«Working with over 10 crypto news outlets, including Coinspeaker, made me extremely aware of what is going on in the crypto space. I shaped my writing style, the industry changed me and I changed it a bit too. Now, it is time to draw about cryptocurrency, not to write about it. Let`s see where I can get to from this point. My personal Bitcoin Quest continues, and I invite crypto fans to join me in this crazy trip.»

He has seen Bitcoin Quest idea as a good one to promote blockchain tech, because Bitcoin started off as a black swan of finance world. Per Bitpainter:

«Back in the early days, many news outlets of the old formation, experts and bankers told the crowds that they should not expect anything good or healthy from cryptocurrencies development. I wanted to fix the notion and to prove that Bitcoin and altcoins are a good tech, and can be used to serve people, not to steal from them.»

Uniting Art, Cryptocurrency and Marketing

To accomplish the goals, Fawkes started developing his «heart project», which unites three of his passions into one act of public entertainment. For each Quest, he finds legitimate sponsors who pledge money to the prize fund. Then, he puts his journalistic connections to attract people to the Quest. Finally, he gives a High Definition scan of one of his drawings to the puzzle solvers. He facilitates his reputation to ensure people that he is not going to «win» the Quest prizes. All you need to do is join the official Telegram chat and read the instructions.

All of the Quests take place in Telegram chat. Bitpainter controls everything, and even the Sponsors and Partners of the project do not posess access to winning seeds. Many crypto veterans have been working with him and they trust Bitpainter and confirm that he is a big fan of honest work. And also, that he wrote many articles exposing crypto scams and has zero tolerance to anybody in crypto trying to steal money from people. Surely, this is not a 100% proof of his legitimacy, so do your own research and don`t hesitate to ask questions before you decide to join.

Quest dynamics is pretty simple: join the Telegram chat, wait for the picture, download it onto your PC, and search for the seeds. If you need tips, there will be ones in Telegram. There is no website for the event and no other official sources of information except for Quest Channel.

Seeds are well hidden inside many of the tiny details, but you can use zoom to find the words and connections between them. You can read the full story behind three of the previous Quests using the link given by the author in main announcement. The next Quest will start on 22.02.2022, with over 15 seeds as prizes, 350 to 800 usd each.

Disclaimer: This is a third-party BTC-based contest organized by an independent Coinspeaker contributor. Coinspeaker is not organizing, and does not officially endorse, this event. The usual risks and warnings associated with receiving cryptocurrencies from people you don’t know over the internet apply.