Will CryptoDragons Catch NFT Market Growth Wave?

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by Rohit Mohan · 3 min read
Will CryptoDragons Catch NFT Market Growth Wave?
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All NFT dragons will hatch from AI-generated NFT Eggs which have their special genome.

The skyrocketing sales and high prices of NFTs have bewildered many, but the explosive growth shows no signs of decline.

2021 will forever stay in the history of the NFT industry as the year when the market saw an unprecedented expansion. In the third quarter of 2021, the NFT sales volume increased to $10.7 billion. Just imagine, in the second quarter of this year, this figure was $1.3 billion.

It seems like this NFT frenzy is just gaining momentum.

Can CryptoDragons Become a New Buzzword?

CryptoDragons is a new NFT project, a whole NFT dragon Metaverse that seems to be about to shape the blockchain industry.

As the founders state:

“The newly created project is not just a platform for collecting and breeding NFT dragons. It’s a full-scale, completely blockchain-integrated Metaverse, where incredible digital art meets full-fledged technology to convert entertainment into earning”.

A Flash of Life: NFT Egg Minting

Before talking about the benefits of the new project, let’s have a look at the history of the project.

The whole CryptoDragons Metaverse started from the firstborn Dragons. The project creators provide a unique opportunity to stand on the origin of that first outbreak, from which the CryptoDragons Metaverse will emerge.

The 10K limited collection of NFT Eggs, with the Common, Epic, Legendary dragons inside is ready for minting on the Ethereum blockchain and staying there forever.

All NFT dragons will hatch from AI-generated NFT Eggs which have their special genome. The system will create high-quality NFTs using unique and complex algorithms. After minting the Egg NFTs will turn into an NFT of Eggshell. The NFT dragon, which is ready to breed, fight and generate income, will be born.

NFTs that Bring Profit

All NFT dragons have their classes based on their genome. Those genes define their physical appearance and value on the marketplaces. However, there is a special class of dragons that along with the fancy looks are also income generators. The one that has the full 25-gene collection, also known as a Legendary dragon, will regularly earn 50% of all breeding commissions from the platform.

The first fully blockchain-based battling Arena is implemented here. “On the Arena, the reckless dragon owners meet to challenge each other. Here they win or lose it all. Depending on the bet, they’ll either win the rival’s dragon or an ETH”, – creators added. As the whole battling process is running on the blockchain, it is transparent, where there is no place for fraud.

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