Top 3 Cryptos Primed for a Bull Run: HedgeUp (HDUP), Kusama (KSM), and Qtum (QTUM) 

Place/Date: - March 6th, 2023 at 5:00 pm UTC · 4 min read
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Top 3 Cryptos Primed for a Bull Run: HedgeUp (HDUP), Kusama (KSM), and Qtum (QTUM) 
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It wouldn’t be incorrect to describe cryptocurrencies as one of the most sought-after options among digital assets. The adoption of these blockchain-based assets has been touching new highs – all thanks to the rise of rapid digital payment solutions and the launch of new products that enable crypto users to do more than just invest. Cryptocurrencies like HedgeUp ($HDUP), Kusuma ($KSM), and Qtum ($QTM) have been driving a wave of financial inclusion with their impactful use cases.

HedgeUp: Decoding the Utility of Alternative Investment Products

HedgeUp has been designed as a decentralized platform wherein cryptocurrency users can test the waters with alternative investment products like wine, gold, aviation, and art securely and cost-effectively. Crypto users get to buy these assets in ‘baskets’ which are carefully curated collections of alternative investment products. The combined impact of these assets serves as a hedge against market volatility, thereby helping users earn higher returns.

The platform has launched a native token called $HDUP that comes in handy while dealing with transactional purposes like staking and earning rewards. The total number of $HDUP tokens in circulation at any given time cannot exceed 999,000,000 units. The total supply of these tokens has been divided into various categories wherein the largest share has been allocated for presale transactions (35%). Buyers can also purchase these tokens via exchange listings, as the team has set aside 17% of the supply for decentralized exchanges. The remaining tokens will be divided between charitable donations, financing marketing activities, distribution of staking rewards, and a reserve, among other use cases.

Users should know that the tokens bought in presale stages 1-6 will be vested for three months, while those bought in stages 7 and 8 will be locked for a month. The $HDUP presale has generated a lot of interest among cryptocurrency users and seems poised for double-digit growth in 2023 and beyond.

Kusama Awards 467k KSM to the Top 5 Projects

With a focus on promoting innovation, Kusuma is a decentralized platform built on the Polkadot blockchain that enables developers to build interoperable and scalable dApps and other decentralized systems. The Kusuma network is built by leveraging substrate with almost the same multi-chain infrastructure and code architecture as Polygon. It has rolled out a native token called $KSM which is the primary cryptocurrency on its network and it comes in handy while dealing with various transactional purposes. One of the main reasons behind Kusuma’s popularity is its fast iteration that lets developers move swiftly through upgrades and governance processes to support the rapid growth of dApps.

With Kusuma, startups can grow fast while iterating with agility. Also, Kusuma is built on a sharded and multi-chain network and makes technological additions seamless. In recent news, the Kusuma network announced that it distributed 467k KSM Tokens as a prize to five projects. The awards went to Bitfrost Finance, Acala Network, Encointer Association, Soramitsu, and Snowfork.

Qtum’s Engagement Growth Surges

Qtum is a decentralized and sustainable platform for developers interested in creating innovations using the upstream advantages of Bitcoin and the Ethereum blockchain. Being a sovereign blockchain, Qtum can accommodate upgrades from both ecosystems. Its native token is $QTUM and it can be used for a wide array of transactional purposes. It sports a decentralized governance structure where it can tweak parameters. Hence, community members can access smart contracts at just a fraction of the block size and cost compared to other blockchains. By combining Layer 1 and Layer 2 solutions, the platform can process ‘millions’ of transactions every second.

Being built on the proof-of-stake consensus algorithm, Qtum is not just secure but an eco-friendly network too. Users can utilize low-power devices while staking. Alternatively, they can also stake offline to reduce energy consumption. A unique innovation by the Qtum team is its Account Abstraction Layer (AAL) which enables it to achieve an enhanced level of interoperability and amalgamate UTXO and the smart contract models. Between December 5 and 12, 2022, Qtum was among the top projects on CoinMarketCap in terms of engagement growth.

While all three cryptocurrencies have their fair share of strengths, the cryptocurrency that’s been receiving rave reviews is HedgeUp. The $HDUP cryptocurrency ensures its users’ interests are safeguarded during market turbulence. Coupled with income-earning opportunities like the NFT series and staking rewards, it makes for a dependable cryptocurrency.

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