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Dogetti, Fantom, and Flow: Three Exciting Cryptos to Buy in 2023 

March 6th, 2023 at 2:23 pm UTC · 3 min read

Could 2023 be the year you buy a winning crypto?

Cryptocurrency has always been a volatile market. We’ve seen blue chips reach incredible highs and plunge to depressing lows.

Predicting how the largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization will move over the next week or month can be too complex. Innumerable market forces always factor into a price movement, making price predictions a tough affair.

But there are a few conditions that, if filled, create potentially profitable cryptocurrency purchases. If a digital asset is hosted on a reputable blockchain, has premium functionality, and has high transaction volume, it is definitely worth considering.

Sometimes, you may even find a cryptocurrency in its presale, like Dogetti (DETI), that can give you a 10x return after launch.

Dogetti, Fantom, and Flow are three cryptocurrencies with cool features and robust systems. Maybe they could be the winners in your portfolio this year.

Dogetti’s Yield Could Be 10x for First Stage Buyers

Dogetti, Fantom, and Flow: Three Exciting Cryptos to Buy in 2023 

More than your typical meme coin, Dogetti is a presale crypto that creates generational wealth for its family members. The head of this strong-knit community is Don Eloni, similar to other dog-themed coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu in the sense that they have a mascot.

The way Dogetti secures a steady return for its coin holders is through a token redistribution system. 2% of every transaction on the Dogetti network goes back to community members. Another 2% on each transaction will go towards a charity wallet, a great way to participate in philanthropic ventures.

Dogetti’s presale is in its first stage of funding and going strong, having raised $353,528.

Fantom Rolls Out a Welcome Mat for Developers with Its Accessible Ecosystem

Fantom is a hosting platform where developers can create GameFi, DeFi, and NFT applications.

Transaction fees are usually $0.01 or less, pushing high gas fees aside and enabling speedy and efficient transactions. This is because Fantom is extremely energy efficient. The entire network uses less electricity than a normal U.S. household.

Fantom is highly scalable and present in more than 60 countries. Thanks to its limitless technology, coders and developers can utilize a permissionless framework to complete their projects.

Flow’s High Utility Platform Garners Trust among Developer Community

Dogetti, Fantom, and Flow: Three Exciting Cryptos to Buy in 2023 

Widely used among internationally acclaimed brands like the NBA and the NFL, Flow is a layer-1 blockchain where you can prep your decentralized apps for mainstream adoption. The easy payment methods and effortless social logins mean anyone can sign up and get to creating.

Flow is designed to handle high levels of throughput. 340 million+ have passed through the system and counting.

Flow is the second largest platform in terms of NFT transaction volume. The friendly ecosystem currently has 11,000+ developers and 18 million+ user accounts.

Cadence is the choice of the programming language used for Flow, making smart contract development easier. It also allows for more on-chain utility.

For more information on Dogetti (DETI) visit: WebsitePresaleTwitterTelegram.

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