CryptoSteam – The Pioneer of GameFi 2.0 Game Publishing Platform

Place/Date: - November 26th, 2021 at 8:24 am UTC · 3 min read
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What Is GameFi 2.0?

GameFi represents the combination of DeFi and blockchain games. GameFi will vitalize the digital economy and make games similar to the real-world economy in terms of complexity and economic returns. Game players will no longer need to spend money on games, but invest in games.

GameFi 2.0 represents the perfect combination of traditional Play-to-Earn mode with DeFi 2.0, forming more possibilities, higher efficiency. This includes utilizing protocols to control liquidity and innovative bond mechanism, which gives the NFT new properties as a bond, greatly increases its value in the game, and the concept of treasury is also deep-seated in the economic model.


Aaron Pulkka, former vice-president of Activision Blizzard, founded CryptoSteam, a crypto-games publishing platform, and first proposed the concept of GameFi 2.0. CryptoSteam overturns the traditional Steam-like publishing platform model.

All revenues from the platform, from the game DeDragon, go into the DAO treasury, which is controlled by protocols to buy back governance tokens when they fall below a set price, while the liquidity of governance tokens is bought back from the market through the mechanism of bonds. Cryptosteam combines this model with “Play To Earn” to create the new Gamefi 2.0.

Also CryptoSteam uses Token and NFT to connect the economic model of all games. It aims not to participate in the sharing with game developers, but to allow developers to become the managers of CryptoSteam through the DAO. All the profits will be used to maintain the stability of the platform’s GameFi 2.0 economic model. The goal of CryptoSteam is to become the infrastructure builder of Metaverse, and a bridge to many other meta-universes.


CryptoSteam - The Pioneer of GameFi 2.0 Game Publishing Platform


DeDragon is the first GameFi 2.0 game released on the CryptoSteam platform!

DeDragon provides first-class visual experience and rich game content. In the beautiful Dragon Island, each dragon has different traits, you need to be in the process of breeding to understand the attributes of each dragon and use the attributes of dragons to continuously upgrade and evolve.

You can obtain the governance tokens of the platform through real-time turn based PVP battles with your NFT and get rewarded based on your ranking. You can also stake your NFT in the Habitat of the game to earn utility token. Also, players with Rare NFT can form team with other Dragons to mine in the Mysterious Cave to obtain considerable governance tokens.

DeDragon is about to start the first test!

CryptoSteam - The Pioneer of GameFi 2.0 Game Publishing Platform

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