CrypViser Partnered With ChronoBank to Enable Investors Join its ICO

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CrypViser Partnered With ChronoBank to Enable Investors Join its ICO

The collaboration will allow members of the cryptocurrency community to invest into CrypViser communication platform using ChronoBank’s digital tokens.

CrypViser, the first blockchain-based encrypted messenger, has recently announced a deal with an Australian online payments company, ChronoBank, to enable investors make in-app payments with ChronoBank’s TIME tokens.

CrypViser is in the process of running an ICO campaign that will last until June 30th. The upcoming crowd sale will provide an opportunity for investors to put money into the most secure messenger system. Following the official launch of the service on September 2nd, the participants of the crowd sale will be given an early-bird access to the platform.

According to Vadim Andryan, the founder and CEO of CrypViser, the partnership with ChronoBank will drive the development of the project and provide new opportunities for the cryptocurrency community. Andryan has a military and government project background and had previously worked on cyber security and social engineering projects.

CrypViser is planning to distribute 10 million CVCoins during its ICO and has already raised $2,346,803. The team plans to spend the majority of investments on mobile development, while the remaining sum will be used for backend development, infrastructure, licensing fees, legal services, operational costs, and marketing.

The buyers of CVCoins will get a wide range of benefits, including free subscriptions, an exclusive access to hidden features, and free unlimited transactions of acquired CVCoins over CVPay system.

Crypviser has been under development over the last two years. The service is an innovative communications network for individual investors and corporate businesses offering an advanced level of security. Unlike other communication services, such as Viber, WhatsApp, and Telegram, which are prone to hacking attacks, the platform uses an innovative security core and cryptographic model.

The solution reduces the risk of attacks, eliminates local data storage vulnerabilities, and prevents data leakage to third parties. If there is a risk of a possible hacking attack, the system immediately sends an alarm, so users always stay updated on their security status.

CrypViser offers real end-to-end encryption and a disruptive public keys distribution model. A unique public key authentication system allows users to verify each other’s public keys manually or automatically via blockchain transactions.

Crypviser can be used to send messages, multimedia files, and make voice and video calls. Meantime, businesses can use the cloud-based PBX features, special widgets, and services. Besides, the system allows users to run the same Crypviser account on different devices and platforms.

Initially, the service will be available in beta version and could be downloaded on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

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