Crystal Clear Services Brings Blockchain Benefits to Offline, Finishing Pre-ICO

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Crystal Clear Services Brings Blockchain Benefits to Offline, Finishing Pre-ICO
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The company aims to change the existing system of providing services by solving the major issues like the lack of transparency and poor organization.

Crystal Clear Services, a platform that brings latest technologies from the online industry to offline services for the population, is preparing to launch an ICO next month. The crowdsale will begin on September 1, 2017 and will last for a month till October 1, 2017.

The platform will leverage the benefits of blockchain, Solidity.Ethereum, and IPFS technology in order to ensure high quality and volume of services provided to the public. Due to the absence of intermediaries and middlemen, the system is open to all participants and is completely self-managed.

Initially, the company is going to issue 10 million tokens, called Crystal Clear Token (CCT), at a price of 0,01 ETH per CCT. 60% of tokens will be distributed among contributors during the sale and the remaining tokens will be reserved for the team and advisors, the reserve fond, and campaigning purposes.

Meantime, 50% of money raised in an ICO will be used for further development of the system, 25% will go on global marketing, 15% will be spent on financial and legal issues, and 10% will go on maintaining the team and organization.

Unlike the freelance online services market, which is mainly used by people involved in IT and business sectors, the offline services are now used by almost all 100% of the population. There is a wide variety of services, including construction work, cargo transportation, and equipment repair. For instance, Russia’s market of cleaning services is estimated at more than $1 billion per year, while in the US this market is valued at over $17 billion annually.

Currently, it is difficult to find a suitable performer and it can take much time to examine the market and choose the best one. Besides, the reviews about the performers can be easily corrected for money and not always reflect the reality.

Reversely, the contractor is not always able to prove the quality of work and an unscrupulous client can refuse to pay for the service, citing its bad quality. So, both sides are constantly facing a risk of not getting the anticipated result, what impedes the development of the offline services market.

“We are sure that with the advent of the platform for ordering services to the public, which will be really reliable and transparent for all participants, the number of people ready to order these services will undoubtedly increase many times, and the quality will always be on top,” the company wrote in a whitepaper.

With Crystal Clear Services, customers will be able to view the history of work done by each participant and the price they charged for it. Furthermore, they will be able to read though real reviews and recommendations, as they cannot be adjusted or deleted.

The platform will also enable instant payments which can be implemented both in fiat currency and in main cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and CCT. The funds can be easily withdrawn from any ATM.

Crystal Clear Services is now running pre-ICO that will finish on Monday. Early buyers will get a bonus of 50% via the platform.

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