Cryzen Launches $2.5 Million Bounty Campaign in Anticipation of September Presale

Place/Date: - August 6th, 2018 at 6:51 pm UTC · 2 min read
Contact: Cryzen, Source: Cryzen

Cryzen, one of the first algorithmic trading platforms for cryptocurrencies, has recently (on August 1st) announced their $2.5 Million bounty campaign for XEN dividend token. This is in anticipation of their presale on September 1, 2018.

XEN is a unique ethereum token that distributes 40% of profits Cryzen makes on:

  • The fees Cryzen charges users making a profit on the platform;
  • The fees Cryzen charges for premium services on the platform; and
  • The trading profits of the Zen fund.

So what exactly is the Cryzen trading platform? The Cryzen trading platform is essentially a “bot development environment” that lets users create trading algorithms in Python or tweak existing trading algorithms through a simple UI requiring no coding skill (addressing both programmers and non-programmers).

Users can backtest or simulate their algorithms on past data to understand how profitable their algorithms would have been – once satisfied users can deploy their algorithms to the live markets with one click of a button.

Visit to get involved in their bounty programs. They’ve launched an interactive dashboard displaying the latest bounty programs, rewards, and more. Users can submit and track their bounty claims through the Cryzen bounty dashboard (submit links to tweets, bitcointalk signatures, medium articles, youtube videos, and more), and get XEN token before the upcoming presale!

Their week 1 bounties are very high compared to most programs with tweets going for 100 XEN per 1000 followers, and medium articles going up to 5000 XEN tokens which is worth $1250 at their ICO Phase 3 valuation.

Rewards go up even higher to 10000 XEN per youtube video that meets their criteria – that’s $2500 at ICO Phase 3 valuation! The caveat is that articles and videos must be approved by admins before you can push them publically and claim XEN token.

As their bounty program is dynamic, it is anticipated that week 2 rewards may be lower.

The reward seems well worth it for those willing to put the effort in, as XEN is not simply a token, but essentially a claim on the profits of the company all mediated and orchestrated by smart contracts. What a time to be alive!