Cybertech Africa: The Pan-African Event for Innovation and Networking

May 23rd, 2023 at 6:51 pm UTC · 3 min read

Cybertech arrives in Kigali, Rwanda, with goals of alliance, cooperation, networking, and advancement.

Cybertech Africa: The Pan-African Event for Innovation and Networking

On August 1-2, 2023, Cybertech is coming to the Kigali Convention Center in Kigali, Rwanda, in partnership with Rwanda’s National Cyber Security Authority, Rwanda Convention Bureau, and Smart Africa.

The two-day event will gather business, innovation, tech, and cyber ecosystems, dozens of companies, start-ups, top-notch speakers, renowned universities, senior government officials, C-level executives, industry trailblazers, and leading decision-makers.

The topics most relevant to Africa will be covered, including, but not limited to, fintech, IoT (Internet of Things) and 5G, AI (Artificial Intelligence), critical infrastructure, aviation and space cybersecurity, and sustainability – not to mention the continent’s first Africa CISO Summit.

Cybertech Africa in Rwanda will include an exhibition of innovative cyber companies from various fields, increase exposure to international and pan-African markets, industry executives, and thought leaders, and encourage participation in a rapidly growing innovative ecosystem.

Cybertech strives to create a positive impact and bring unity and diversity to its cyber community. We endeavor to support the African continent’s cyber and innovation ecosystem by focusing on this professional conference, special seminars and events, the unprecedented Africa CISO Summit, and much more.

Paula Ingabire, Minister of ICT & Innovation in Rwanda:

“On behalf of the Ministry of ICT of Rwanda and the Republic of Rwanda, we are delighted and excited to host this event, which will bring together leading experts, innovators, and stakeholders in cybersecurity. As we navigate an increasingly complex and challenging cyber landscape, these events are critical for driving innovation and advancing the industry.”

Amir Rapaport, Cybertech Founder, and co-author of Cyber Mania:

“Collaborating with the ecosystem in Africa is a priority for Cybertech. It is a new continent with rapid growth, a driven workforce, and, like us, it stands at the forefront of global cyber innovation. We are excited to work with the Rwandan government and finally arrive in Kigali.”

Over the last decade, Cybertech Global has been the cyber industry’s leading networking platform, holding industry-related events around the globe, from Tel Aviv, Africa, Rome, and Tokyo, to Singapore, Panama, New York, and more. It brings international experience and exceptional field expertise to the presented audience.

Cybertech’s conferences and exhibitions are the go-to place to make business happen and learn about the latest technological innovations, challenges, and solutions to threats within the global cyber arena. But more than anything, Cybertech Global takes pride in creating a cyber community, encouraging innovation, and promoting inspiration within and throughout.

Registration for Cybertech Africa – Rwanda is now open.

For more information, visit: the website.


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